Making Money from Mobile Apps

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Basic iOS: An introduction to developing apps for pods, pads and phones

This unique five-day bootcamp will provide entrepreneurs with the opportunity to design, develop and deploy their first iPhone and iPad apps within an open innovation challenge.

Making Money from Mobile Apps

iOS is a platform for iPhone and iPad application development that has seen large scale adoption in recent years. It is now the leading platform by market share for app development and the ecosystem for the largest volume of financial transactions in the sector. There exists a rapidly moving mobile and portable device sector with both an identifiable skills shortage and growing market opportunity – capable of supporting new small business and entrepreneurs in the capital.

About the bootcamp

The bootcamp will target both entry level developers with only basic programming experience who wish to learn from scratch and those with more advanced skills in in alternative languages and platforms. By attracting entrepreneurs with varying degrees of skills and experience this open innovation project will facilitate collaboration and create new business opportunities. 

What are the WOW factors?

  • Entry level requirement with limited programming experience
  • Training by industry expert developers with successful releases
  • Hands-on coding experience 4. First-class academic support and facilities
  • Accreditation at no extra cost
  • Access to state-of-the-art development studio
  • Use of the UK’s largest private App deployment server (TBC)
  • Open Innovation challenge and competition prizes


Very basic programming skills are required. This can include experience of alternative programming or simple scripting languages (eg. HTML or web development) or alternative mobile development platforms.

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Guest lectures

As part of the "Making Money from Mobile Apps" bootcamp there will be the following guest lectures:

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