Summer Internship Programme 2015 for Businesses

A summer internship programme that gives London-based SMEs access to UCL students and graduates.

Would you like a high calibre student/graduate to help develop your business over the summer, at minimal cost to you?

If so, why not take advantage of our Summer Internship Programme. We are looking for dynamic and interesting micro, small or medium sized enterprises to host students and graduates to get them ready for the workplace.

The internship will run for 8-12 weeks over the summer and is free of charge to you (we give the intern a tax-free training allowance) although you will pay a small fee to attend a recruitment fair and for any additional costs incurred (such as travel to client visits, conferences, etc.) that you require of the intern.

The key aim is to provide the intern with ‘hands on’ worthwhile work experience that will show them what it is like to run a business or work for a smaller enterprise. You get to interview and select an intern with the skills or academic knowledge you require to help develop your business.

Who is eligible

All London-based SMEs with appropriate office space (i.e. not home-based or hot-desking) are eligible. Please see the company information pack for more eligibility information.

How to apply

You need to first complete an eligibility check form.

Once we confirm your eligibility to proceed, you will then need to interview and select a UCL student with whom you’d like to work. You will then submit an application (together with the student as it is a joint effort; you and your student will each need to fill in a section and both sections will be evaluated.

In your completed application form, we are looking for an articulate account of how the internship will aid the development of the intern. It is important to clearly outline what the benefits to both the intern and the company will be, and how the company will be able to facilitate this.

The top applications will be accepted onto the programme and offered funding. For help on how to connect with UCL students, please see the company information pack. You are NOT guaranteed funding for an internship even if you attend a recruitment fair and find a student with whom you’d like to work.

All applications must be submitted by 11:59pm on Monday 27th April 2015. This is a strict deadline and any applications with a later timestamp will not be considered for the programme.

For more information, please email or call +44 (0)207 679 8659