Student Interns

A summer internship programme that gives London-based SMEs access to UCL students and graduates.

Would you like London’s best and brightest students and graduates to be your interns?

UCL Advances’ Summer Internship Programme matches dynamic, ambitious
students and graduates with dynamic, ambitious SMEs. While you provide them with
essential hands-on work experience to prepare them for their careers, you gain a
fresh perspective, specialist skills and academic knowledge all for free, in order to
help you build your business.

A high-calibre student or graduate working for you for eight weeks gives you not
only a wealth of help and enthusiasm but also a test-run of a potential future
employee – and you get to mentor an up-and-coming young business brain.

The internship runs over the summer and is free of charge to you – we pay the intern
a tax-free training allowance. You are required to pay for any additional costs
incurred, such as travel to client visits, or conferences, for example, that you require
of the intern

It’s open to any London micro, small or medium enterprise with fewer than 250 employees (including start-ups, third sector and social enterprises) and any level UCL
student, or very recent graduate. As funding is limited, companies need to show in their applications how the experience will expose the intern to all aspects of operating an SME.

For more information about the 2015 Summer Internship Programme, please email