Knowledge Exchange Collaboration

Become part of a specialist knowledge exchange collaboration between UCL and SMEs.

Do you know a doctoral student or postdoc whose research matches the business needs of an SME? Find out more about how the KEA can work for all of you.

The Knowledge Exchange Associates (KEA) programme is a 3-9 month programme that delivers a knowledge-transfer collaboration between a small or medium-sized enterprise and UCL.

Knowledge Exchange Associates are PhD students (near completion or recently graduated), who can act as a conduit from the transfer of specialist knowledge to a small or medium-sized company that would benefit from this expertise.

Staff are invited to recommend students who might be looking for a great opportunity to bridge the gap between PhD research and hands-on business development. In collaboration with the company, the student KEA will embark on a challenging, ambitious project that is central to the company’s needs and current stage of development.

A further key benefit for the KEA is that 20% of their time will be allocated to formal training to build skills and enhance career prospects. This unique opportunity includes the chance to take courses at London Business School, UCL or elsewhere, depending on their individual needs.

Who can apply?

Staff who wish to suggest this programme to students or recommend students must be aware of the following stipulations:

-The KEA must be a currently enrolled student at UCL or have graduated within the past year.

-Knowledge Exchange Associates are expected to commit full-time to the programme and will receive a monthly stipend of £2,185.

-Although an employee of UCL, the KEA’s place of work will typically be within the company.