A valuable new database that documents enterprise policy and intervention

A groundbreaking portal for entrepreneurship intervention research


The International Centre for Entrepreneurship Policy (INTER-CEP) is a global hub for enterprise policy and intervention. A rapidly expanding database that documents public policy and private sector entrepreneurship interventions, it’s a forum for sharing expertise in the form of approved case studies from both academic research and practitioner knowledge.

As a pioneering portal for entrepreneurship research and knowledge, it will both
provoke enterprise policy debate and inform future interventions. It is intended to
become a valuable resource for those seeking to identify trends and develop criteria
that help effectively implement future entrepreneurship projects.

INTER-CEP documents projects aimed at promoting and reinforcing entrepreneurship, which, in turn, facilitates academic analysis that leads to a better understanding of how public policy can affect entrepreneurship and vice versa.

Since October 2012, INTER-CEP has surveyed and analysed over 70 projects promoting, supporting and informing entrepreneurship policy across four continents. Its four main areas of focus are:

  • Enterprise Stimulation
  • Entrepreneurship Support and Growth
  • Innovation and Knowledge Transfer Stimulation
  • Innovation and Knowledge Transfer Support and Growth

The database is self-sustaining and will involve on-going contributions from enterprise researchers, practitioners, policy officials and participants.

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