Giving UCL staff a chance to promote engagement in knowledge transfer through secondments. 

Got great research to share? Promote your engagement in knowledge transfer through a UCL Enterprise Secondment Award. 

Enterprise Secondment Awards support UCL staff who wish to promote their engagement in knowledge transfer through secondments with companies, social enterprises, charities and other non-academic organisations. 

Who is eligible for a Secondment Award?

It depends on your project: priority is given to identifiable impact or the building of longer-term research partnerships. 

Impact is monitored via identifiable and measured outcomes such as new jobs, public engagement, scientific dissemination and follow-on activity, e.g. business start-ups and/or new collaborations with clear potential for IP development or development of longer-term research partnerships. Prospective benefits to all project stakeholders (e.g. secondee, UCL, external partner) will all be considered. 

Proposal Criteria

  1. Projects should have a clear knowledge transfer focus 
  2. Project partners must have a UK-based research presence 
  3. Secondments should have underpinning research in the EPSRC remit. 
  4. Projects should demonstrate measurable impact for all partners, and should attract either direct or in kind contributions from the external partner 
  5. Projects should be no more than £50k for 1-6 months’ work. 
  6. Secondments to other HEIs or other educational establishments are not eligible 
  7. Applicants should seek approval and support from their Head of Department before they apply. 
  8. Secondees must be PhD level or above.

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