PhD Enterprise Scholarships

Prestigious Enterprise Scholarships available to PhD students who wish to investigate the commercial potential of their research.

If you want to find out whether your PhD research has commercial potential, this scholarship is for you

Each year, UCL Advances awards several prestigious PhD Enterprise Scholarships. Providing funding of £4,000, the scholarships cover student costs for a three-month extension on PhD work to enable a chapter to be written on the commercial evaluation of a science or technology PhD project.

Who’s it for?

The scholarship is for PhD students who want to further investigate the commercial potential of their research.

EngD students can apply for this scholarship, but it depends on whether your research is technical or commercial. If it’s technical, this commercialisation chapter could definitely benefit your thesis. If it’s commercial, you may already have covered this. If this is the case, you might be able to write this chapter with a slightly different focus.

When do I apply?

There is no application deadline, but it is best to submit an application at the beginning of your final year.

Further details

It is necessary to seek support from your supervisor, as it is the responsibility of your Department to make arrangements for the extension of your degree – and of your student status at UCL – alongside arranging extensions with any other relevant parties, such as funding bodies.