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To my portfolio of work designed for the Effective Communication module as part of the MSci Physics degree course at UCL. The images on this page provide quicklinks to some of the things I am involved with/follow. If the website appears very large, a 15' monitor should be purchased from the nearest PC world so that the Stephen Lucas experience can be enjoyed fully.

To view coursework completed for the first and second year practical skills courses, effective communications and A-level, click on the coursework link below the banner above. Most recent coursework can be found towards the bottom right hand corner of the 'Coursework' page.

If you would like to get to know more about me, or would like to contact me, this can be achieved by navigating to the 'Author' page or clicking on the cartoon face to the upper right hand corner of this homepage.

The 'Reviews' and 'Random' setions will re-direct you to my blog, while the 'Photography', 'Links' and 'Tutorial' pages are still under construction with completion aimed for summer 2011. I hope that you find my work useful, and if you see any mistakes feel free to email me!

Peace Out,

Stephen Lucas