(66%) 1st Year Formal Report on Milikan's Experiment. Determining the Smallest Quantum of Electric Charge
A presentation about particle accelerators and the underlying physical principles governing how they work. An in depth presentation on i and j notation with example questions (for Edexcel M1) A short presentation exploring the theory behind LCDs. A presentation performed to trainee teachers at the University of Bedfordshire on strategies to improve behaviour in secondary schools.
500 word letter to a non-scientific friend about entropy and the direction of time. Entropy - Letter to a non-scientific friend
Responsibility of Scientists to Society
1,199 word essay on the responsibility of scientists to society.
Particle Accelerators 552 word essay on the idea that light has mass.
Light and the mystery of its mass - Short Essay
Kings Cross St.Pancras - Intercontinental - Report
1,196 word report on the possibility of a train passing through the centre of the Earth.
A simple animation depicting how a linear particle accelerator works.
A simple animation showing how a cyclotron works. Latent Heat of Vaporisation of Liquid Nitrogen
(84%) 2nd formal report from first year.
Notes for a 5 minute presentation on electron density waves and the possibility of invisibility.
5 Minute Presentation on Gravity Trains
Linac/Linear Accelerator
The Cyclotron COMING SOON...
(100%) An investigation into the factors limiting the range of a trebuchet. Note: Blank pages are where hand-drawn graphs would be. A2 Salters Horners - What affects the range of a trebuchet?


PHAS2401 & PHAS2901

Nature Article - Abstract & Summary

Nature Article - Poster

Nature Article - Presentation

CV & Cover Letter

Measurement of Cp/Cv for Argon, Nitrogen, Carbon Dioxide and an Argon + Nitrogen Mixture


(100%) A 13 page report on Little Barford Power Station and the physics at work. AS Little Barford Power Station Vist Coursework
(99%) An investigation into the factors limiting the rate of hydrolysis of lipids in milks by the enzyme lipase. Note: Blank pages indicate where hand-drawn graphs would be. A2 OCR - What affects the rate of hydrolysis of lipase?