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Netball Organisations

Contact information and web pages for netball organising and supporting bodies, subdivided into International and National organisations and associations and Local and District Netball Associations and related bodies. For club contacts and listings see the UK clubs A-M and N-Z pages, and theWorldwide clubs pages.

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International and National organisations and associations

IFNA is the International Federation of Netball Associations, based in Birmingham. Contains lots of stuff including news items, (national) world rankings, events, facilities specifications, some rather quiet chat areas plus some basics and links to other sites... oh and NO ONLINE ACCESS TO THE FULL RULES (sore point this!)
England Netball
Site revamped again in 2005.... Getting there, but don't get me started on Men's and Boy's participation! Sigh...
Netball Australia
Excellent site with lots of useful info on just about everything netball - ioncluding a chance to play "Fantasy Netball"!!
Combined Australian Netball Association (CANA)
Challenging Netball Australia as a national organising body for Australia! Includes Mixed as well as juniors, vets etc. This one could run and run...
Australian Institute of Sport Netball pages
Part of the Australian Sports Commission's site, with loads of good information on all aspects of the game, including history, training stuff, and an Australian events calendar.
Canadian Amateur Netball Association
Another bilingual (french/english) site. Includes stuff on men's netball (hooray!).
Netball Ireland
Not much on the website yer (9/03) but they support mixed netball! :-)
Malta Netball Association
Keen to host tours!
Netball New Zealand
Straightforward but nice-looking frame-based official national site with pages about the NZ teams, Caltex cup, events, picture gallery, and even a guestbook and online shop! Well worth a visit.
Netball Scotland
The Scots site definitely beats AENA... And very nice it is too...
Netball Singapore
New (7/02) nice neat site - and they have courts going at $5 an hour! Sigh...
United States of America Netball Association
Netball's growing on the other side of the pond...
Welsh Netball Association
New (5/02) site which is a big improvement on the glitchy old version, lots of useful info. Why can't AENA do it like this...?

Local and District Netball Associations and related bodies

Aberdeen & District Netball Association
Very informative site, based on Beehive - includes very handy venue information and some very embarassing pictures... :-)
Alberta Netball Association
Based in Calgary, Canada. Nice site including some useful umpiring resources!
Bangkok Netball
With an established regular league, but always looking for more players... Anyone heading for Bangkok please contact Stephanie Woodward!
Blacktown City Netball Association
Western suburbs of Sydney, NSW. Includes a clublist.
British Columbia Netball Association
Revamped site (4/06) with all the usual range of info from our chums in Canada.
Cairns netball association
Simple contact information.
California Netball Association
Revamped site, very nice, simple & quick, with all the usual plus a US club map and list!
Chelmsford & District Netball League
Fixtures, results, team lists etc etc!
Cheshire County Netball
Full of useful information but very "busy" and a little inconsistent in presentation from page to page - some horizontal scrolling required and watch out if you're blue/yellow colourblind!
Cornish Netball
Info on the Cornish County Netball League, results, team info and a forum. Nice site.
East Essex County Netball Association
News, results, contacts, county squads information...
Eastern Gauteng Netball Association
South African provincial association site - men's and ladies! Wide range of information.
City of Edinburgh Netball Association
Revised site (5/04) with club lists, news etc etc. and information for junior and recreational players.
Coventry and District Netball Association
Nice clean helpful site, includes things like directions to clubs and umpiring guidance.
Fife Netball Association
No it's not in the wrong section it's a club! 5 Junior and one adult squads, and arcade games online at the website :-)
Florida Netball Association
Yes, Florida USA! Email contact only at present, via Grace Bailey Grace_Bailey@hotmail.com
Georgia Netball Association
Yes, Georgia USA! Things must be catching on over there... Some useful stuff but what's with the "Rack up those trophies, girls" section? What about the men then?
Gloucestershire County Netball Association
Nice neat site, includes entry forms and promises (4/04) club links in due course.
Hampshire County Council netball contact list
North and East Hampshire, Gosport & Fareham and Southampton associations, plus clubs etc in the Hampshire area.
Hampshire Netball Association
All-Hampshire site following merger of previously independent regional Hampshire associations in 2007. Excellent site with lots of helpful information.
Hong Kong Netball Association
Not much here except club contact info and results.
Kent U18 Netball
Mostly a photo gallery at present - produced by Mike Floate.
Lincolnshire County Netball Association
Nice new page including who's who, courses, awards, diary dates, and even association meeting minutes!
Melbourne Netball
Runs mixed and ladies' leagues etc in - er - Melbourne, Australia :-)
Mountain District Netball Association
Neat site from this Victoria-based Australian association - well designed and easy to use with lots of good info.
Murwillumbah Netball Association
New, improved, user-friendly site (8/03) in place of the old Isport one - surely not because of my review in Australian Netballer? :-)
Men's Netball New South Wales
Team lists, state league and other info.
Netball New South Wales
Good range of material including an association finder and some very useful material on setting up a club.
New York Sports Online - Netball
Background to netball in the USA and NY plus some contact information for NY and beyond.
Northeast Atlanta Area Netball Association (NAANA)
Contact Carol Kellyman - email northeastatlnetballassociation@yahoo.com
Northants Netball
Contact info for the Northants Association and a number of Northants leagues, plus couty squads, coach and umpire information.
Ontario Amateur Netball Association
Nice site with a lot of information including club lists and some good umpiring stuff (even a practice exam!)
Paramatta Auburn Netball Association
New South Wales (Australia) - with some resources for players, coaches and umpires as well as the usual.
Portsmouth Netball Association
New (5/07) site, easier to use than the old one! :-) Focused around their 6-division league.
Quebec Amateur Netball Association
Bilingual english and french! Rather hard to read - black text on a dark blue background?
Randwick Netball Association
Based in Maruobra, Australia. Nice well-organised site with full team lists and all the usual stuff.
Salisbury & District Netball Association
All the usual basics, plus they do mixed netball - hooray!
SISA Netball page
Not a lot there yet but here's a South African netball site courtesy of their Sports Information and Science Agency.
Somerset County Netball Association
Nice site with club contact details, league tables etc - and an umpires list! I bet they'll be busy :-)
South Australian Men's Netball Association
Woohoo! Go Guys! Includes an interesting history of Men's netball in SA.
South East Wales Netball Association
Which used to be Gwent Netball Association, and they're looking for matches...
South Texas Netball Association
Some club data and all the usual stuff... And they let guys play! NB at time of writing (2/04) site only works properly in Explorer, but hopefully they'll sort that out soon.
South Yorkshire Netball Association
via Rotherham's "help in hand" local government info site.
Stellenbosch Netball Institute
Amongst other stuff, runs a specialised netball course approved by the South African Netball Association!
Stevenage Sports Guide - Netball
With information on clubs, leagues and associations in the area.
Surrey County Netball Association
Straightforward frame-based site with all the usual info, including coaching/umpiring course info.
Sussex County Netball Association
Excellent site edited by Gordon Dudman, County Umpiring Secretary, with a wealth of information on netballing activities in Sussex, including stuff on umpiring (and even an online test!), coaching, tournaments and leagues. A shining example of how to mount a netball site!
Sussex Sports Patnership - Netball
Lots of info about netball in Sussex - clubs, leagues, courses, workshops, news...
USA contact information
A list of various US based club and association contacts.
Victoria Netball
Nice site with plenty of coaching stuff.
Victoria Men's Netball
New site for the new Victorian Mens Netball league. Also Australian Men's Nationals selections and fixtures! Active since 1985... Good going guys!
Wannerooo District Netball Association
Clubs, sponsors, gallery, calendar...
Netball Wellington Centre
The official organising body for competition netball in Wellington City, New Zealand.
Welwyn Hatfield Netball League
Includes details about the league, contacts, coaching and umpiring information, and a rather unfortunately acronymed Fixtures And Results Tables section...
West Dorset County Netball
Including a massive noticeboard , league fixtures, photo galleries etc.
Wiltshire County Netball Association
All the usual information, squad info, leagues around the county, etc.
Wolverhampton Council Netball Page
Including West Midlands, South Staffs County and Heath Town Netball Associations, and Wolverhampton & District Netball League contacts.
Worcestershire County Netball Association
As at 2/07 there are slight visibility problems with this site unless viewed in Explorer - text comes up very small in Firefox and Mozilla!

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