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Netball Clubs worldwide

Listings of club contacts and web pages worldwide: (club lists and club pages). For UK information, please see the UK individual clubs A - M and N - Z , and UK club lists pages. For Mixed Netball, see the Mixed Netball pages.

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Worldwide club lists

Auckland Netball Centre
Based at Sportingpulse, lots of info on their leagues and lots of other stuff.
Bangkok Netball League
Contact details for a dozen clubs and more....
Clubs and associations in Baw Baw Shire
Links to the pages of 10 clubs and associations in the Baw Baw Shire area, Australia (most of which are just text contacts).
Hills District Netball
Based in Pennant Hills, NW of Sydney, Australia. A good example of what can be done with an Isport site with a bit of thought.
Melbourne Netball
"...Specialising in mixed and ladies' social netball..." - and an award-winning site to boot!
Nevis Netball
That's Nevis in the Caribbean - although I suspect this site is a bit out of date!
Netball clubs in Newcastle
...that's Newcastle, Australia, I'm afraid!
Netball North Harbour
Large and rather flash site for the Fujiforce team and lots of other netball stuff in North Harbour, Auckland.
Northwestern Netball
Site covering netball in NW Australia.
Netball Queensland
Which includes a section on Men's netball - Go boys! Unfortunately the site is *very* slow to load.
Greater Toronto Area Netball League
Nice Canadian league site including full team directory.
USA contacts
This list is growing fast - now well into double figures, with lists of individual clubs and also association contacts.
Clubs and associations in Whitehorse, Australia
Contact details for 17 clubs and a number of leagues and associations in the Whitehorse area.

Worldwide club pages

Abbotsford Netball Club
Canadian club - basic contact info.
Adelaide Cougars Netball Club
Or, as they once were, the "Adelaide menz Fruchoc Cougars Netball Club" (some sponsors have a lot to answer for)....
Adelaide Thunderbirds online
Fancy but nice site of the AAMI Adelaide Thunderbirds - where you can even take a virtual reality tour of ETSA Park!
Aldinga netball club
Another Aussie club page with just base contact info.
Apex Netball Club
Based in Coquitlam, Vancouver, Canada. Effective site with all the usuals - fixtures, pics, game basics etc.
Auckland Diamonds
All the usual stuff - profiles, gallery, results - and ticket booking!
Bells Angels Netball Net
Well... A rather abortive page linkwise for this team based in Sydney, but apparently if you mention them in their sponsor's pub (the Bells Hotel in "downtown WOOLLOOMOOLOO") you get a free drink...after your first ten?
Blaze netball club
Based in Singapore, a "fun-loving lot"! Quite a few pics and news.
Blue Mambos Netball Club
Aussie junior club coached by Bruce Johnson (with some of our drills!). Mostly results, and a BIG pic.
Bronte RSL Sports Netball Club
Based in Waverley, Queensland, who say "We my not be the biggest, but we are the friendliest...."! Site is a little confusing to navigate - look for the hotspots!
Caribisles Sports Club
Based in Florida, with a primary interest in netball. Also contact information for the Florida Netball Association.
CMTV Comets
...of NZ, with lots of info on the Coca-Cola league etc.
Comets Netball Club
Home of North Shore Netball in Vancouver, Canada. Seniors, juniors, men, women, all welcome... That's the spirit!
Coogee netball club
Based in the eastern susbrbs of Sydney, Australia. Also includes info about the Randwick Netball Association.
CRAPI Netball
Do I detect an element of tongue in cheek here? This (apparently genuine and well-established) mixed team could be my kind of outfit...
Darmstadt Dynamos
Our first team from Germany! Just an email contact so far, but...
Dolphins Netball Club
...of Plettenburg Bay, South Africa. Tour, anyone? :-) Email only to Hanlie at brenle@mweb.co.za
The Dr Peppers
Now why can't we get sponsors like that (not to mention the URL)?
Emerald City Netball Club
Based in Seattle, USA with lots of useful information about the game in general and about US contacts.
ETSA Contax
"ETSA Contax Netball Club Inc." are an Adelaide club who have been around for 50 years! Nice, clean site with all the usual stuff plus the full Aussie premiership tables.
Flagstone Netball Club
Juniors and seniors in Flagstone, Queensland, Australia.. Nice site in general, if heavy on the ads (has to be paid for somehow I guess!)
Garden State Netball Club
Based in East Orange, NJ. Welcomes teen & adult players of all abilities.
Greenlees Netball Club
Based at Cintra Park, Concord, NSW. Juniors and Seniors.
Hallet Cove Uniting Netball Club
Good frame-based site optimised for Internet Explorer 3, lots of info on the club, history, player profiles, pics etc.
Luxembourg Netball Club
No website yet, but keen to visit and host visits from other teams (because there aren't may in Luxembourg!) Contact Ruth Pugh for more info.
Macleod Netball Club
From Banyule district in Oz - nice animated graphic, but isn't she bouncing the ball? Reposession!
Netball Magic
Gateway site for the Magic team (NZ) plus Bay of Plenty and Waikato Netball sites.
Manhattan International Netball Club
In the USA! Informative, and nice pics, if a bit slow to load.
Matrics Netball Club
Australian Java-based site, with searchable results, downloadable newsletters and all the usual.
University of New South Wales Netball Club
Nice site with lots of photos & info - and they seem to know how to have a good time!
New York Navigators
Wow, a MEN'S netball club in NEW YORK! Good stuff guys!
Nike Netball
Now... What to say about this site? 1) it's a netball club in Singapore, 2) it's a very original approach to a netball website, and 3) - Watch the skies, the truth is out there! :-)
Pacesetters Netball Club
US club based in Florida. A rather..."active" homepage!
Raanana netball club
Updated site from our first club from Israel! Pics, info, graphics...
St Lucia Pitons
Nice tidy site for this Brooklyn-based club playing in the Caribbean American Netball Association league, although you may need some horizontal scrolling.
Seneca Netball Club
Based in Kingston, Jamaica. The site is based at MSN Groups so you need a passport registration to use most of it (see the site for details).
SIM Netball club
That's the Singapore Institute of Management! Nice site but it's based at Tripod so there are lots of pop-ups.
Southern Stars Netball Club
New (9/06) site for this established club, based in San Francisco. Friendly bunch who do a lot to promote netball within the United States!
Southern Sting
Site of the NZ National Bank Trophy winners 2003!
Sparkles Netball Club
Another Florida club, in Fort Lauderdale - email Grace Whyte
Steppers Netball Club
Based in Washington DC (USA!), also covers Maryland and Virginia. Email Mike Brooks.
Stuttgart Netball Club
Anothe german club at last! Looking for male and female players: email Jackie Cubbage or phone on 0711 735 4601.
Sydney Swifts
Homepage of the Mazda Sydney Swifts, Australian National League team, with all the usual player profiles, and a number of interesting headings (including a coaches corner) which unfortunately weren't working when I visited!
TeaTreeGully Netball Club
Based in Adelaide. Long established club (1947!), seniors and juniors, over 120 players... but always looking for more!
Tidewater Stars Netball Club
Based in Virginia Beach, Virginia USA.
Tiki Netball Club
Seniors and Juniors, based in Elizabeth Downs, South Australia
Toronto Nets Men's Netball Club
Only basic contact information, but hey, A MEN'S CLUB AT LAST! :-)
Typhoon Netball Club
Based in Brooklyn, New York - site uses popup windows a lot so make sure you don't have them blocked!
UNP Netball
South African club based at the University of Natal.
Varroville PCYc Netball Club
of South West Sydney - they have 21 teams and an electronic monthly newsletter! But sadly not a webpage - email only via Trevor Michell at michell@ideal.net.au
Waimatuku Warriors
Based in Invercargill, in the "far south of NZ", and laying claim to be the most southerly netball team in the world, this is my sort of team - the youngest player is 42! Email contact only at present, but a website is coming: contact Kieran Turner - kierant@clear.net.nz
Wellington East Netball Club
In Wellington, New Zealand - Nice newly-reconstructed site with a very handy section on coaching resources.
West Coasters Netball Club
Based in Perth, Australia, with 180+ junior and senior players (check the picture if you don't believe me!). All the usual features, but view at a high resolution to avoid horizontal scrolling as it's a wide site.
The Wild Poppies of Gatton
Who play an interesting 6-a-side version of mixed netball!
Windsor Netball Club
No, not where the Queen lives - Windsor, ONTARIO, in Canada!
Wootton Blackjacks
... who unfortunately don't say which Wootton they are actually in.... Have you tried putting Wootton into Streetmap? Your guess is as good as mine...!

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