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I aim to make my policy work both academically rigorous and practically useful. I hope to help bridge academia and policy in a useful way. A summary of my policy work is below, and you are welcome to contact me if you have any questions.

I believe we live in an incredible time. Our actions today will determine the fate of our climate, our oceans, and of the poorest people in the world. Everyone has a role to play in moving us away from a future scarred by the past rather than nourished by it. Play your part in every way you can.


Public Service Delivery

My main research agenda revolves around the capacity to deliver public goods to poor people in the developing world. However, implementing the findings of service delivery research offer a fresh set of challenges. My aim is to integrate frontier research findings from the literature on service delivery to the implementation of policy in the developing world.

Examples of this are my continuing work with the Presidency in Nigeria, with a number of non-governmental organisations in Africa and India, and my work on climate change.


Climate Change

My interest in climate change focuses on the extent to which global, national, and local solutions can be found to the governance challenges of responding to climate change. Or as 'The Economist' (illustration by Kevin Kallaugher) puts it:

From July 10th 2008 edition of 'The Economist', available at www.economist.com/daily/kallery

As well as serving as a commissioner on the UCL Commission for Climate Change (see UCL news for story, the Lancet for the associated article, and the press release), I have worked on climate change for the Department for International Development, UK.


Monitoring and Evaluation

My interest in monitoring and evaluation focuses around the development of professional monitoring and evaluation professionals in the developing world and their impact on the quality of public accountability.

Related publication:

  • For those interested in monitoring and evaluation in Nigeria, contact me for details of the 'Society for Monitoring and Evaluation of Nigeria'


Effective Technical Assistance

I am interested in effective methods of providing technical assistance to governments in the developing world.

Related publications:

  • Working paper, 'The Trojan Horse Approach to Public Sector Reform', available on request.
  • “The Role of International Development Partners in Developing African Systems for Monitoring and Evaluation” African Evaluation Association 2007 conference, available on request.