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Ancient medicine is a vast subject demanding specialized knowledge of many kinds. The study of it depends on collaboration among scholars. I invite anyone who may be interested in contributing to Ancient Medicine/Medicina Antiqua to get in touch with me at the address below. I will be especially glad to receive offers of collaboration in the preparation of hypertext editions of the fundamental texts of Greco-Roman medicine, announcements or other items of current interest, and pre-prints or other discussions of specific topics in ancient medicine.

Hypertext editions, translations of ancient medical works, AM/MA Essays, and other original contributions to Ancient Medicine/Medicina Antiqua pass through a process of peer review before being posted on the site. Announcements and other communications are posted as received. In all cases, authors retain all rights to their works; AM/MA's copyright applies only to text, images, and other material added by AM/MA. The principal language of Ancient Medicine/Medicina Antiqua is English, but contributions in Latin, French, German, or Spanish are welcome.

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