Pattern formation along signaling gradients driven by active droplet behaviour of cell groups
HZ Ford, GL Celora, ER Westbrook, MP Dalwadi, BJ Walker, H Baumann, CJ Weijer, P Pearce, JR Chubb
[Journal link], [Pre-print]

Journal articles

Optimal metabolite transport in hollow fibre membrane bioreactors
G Booth, MP Dalwadi, H Ye, P-A Mouthuy, SL Waters (2024+)
To appear in Flow [Journal link], [Pre-print]

An agent-based modelling framework to study growth mechanisms in EGFR-L858R mutant alveolar type II cells
H Coggan, CE Weeden, P Pearce, MP Dalwadi, A Magness, C Swanton, KM Page (2024+)
To appear in R Soc Open Sci [Journal link], [Pre-print]

Generalised Jeffery's equations for rapidly spinning particles. Part 2: Helicoidal objects with chirality
MP Dalwadi, C Moreau, EA Gaffney, BJ Walker, K Ishimoto (2024)
J Fluid Mech, 979: A2 [Journal link], [Pre-print]

Generalised Jeffery's equations for rapidly spinning particles. Part 1: Spheroids
MP Dalwadi, C Moreau, EA Gaffney, K Ishimoto, BJ Walker (2024)
J Fluid Mech, 979: A1 [Journal link], [Pre-print]

Motility-induced phase separation mediated by bacterial quorum sensing
WJM Ridgway, MP Dalwadi, P Pearce, SJ Chapman (2023)
Phys Rev Lett, 131: 228302 [Journal link], [Pre-print]

Universal dynamics of biological pattern formation in spatio-temporal morphogen variations
MP Dalwadi and P Pearce (2023)
Proc R Soc A, 479: 20220829 [Journal link], [Pre-print]

Emergent rheotaxis of shape-changing swimmers in Poiseuille flow
BJ Walker, K Ishimoto, C Moreau, EA Gaffney, MP Dalwadi (2022)
J Fluid Mech, 944: R2 [Journal link], [Pre-print]
Featured in JFM: Focus on Fluids

Canonical orbits for rapidly deforming planar microswimmers in shear flow
EA Gaffney, MP Dalwadi, C Moreau, K Ishimoto, BJ Walker (2022)
Phys Rev Fluids, 7, L022101 [Journal link], [Pre-print]

Effects of rapid yawing on simple swimmer models and planar Jeffery's orbits
BJ Walker, K Ishimoto, EA Gaffney, C Moreau, MP Dalwadi (2022)
Phys Rev Fluids, 7, 023101 [Journal link], [Pre-print]

A homogenised model for flow, transport and sorption in a heterogeneous porous medium
LC Auton, S Pramanik, MP Dalwadi, CW MacMinn, and IM Griffiths (2022)
J Fluid Mech, 932: A34 [Journal link], [Pre-print]

The role of caking in optimising the performance of a concertinaed ceramic filtration membrane
VE Pereira, MP Dalwadi, and IM Griffiths (2021)
Phys Rev Fluids, 6, 104301 [Journal link], [Pre-print]

A systematically reduced mathematical model for organoid expansion
MA Ellis, MP Dalwadi, MJ Ellis, HM Byrne, and SL Waters (2021)
Front Bioeng Biotechnol, 9: 670186 [Journal link], [Pre-print]

Levitation of a cylinder by a thin viscous film
MP Dalwadi, R Cimpeanu, H Ockendon, JR Ockendon, and T Mullin (2021)
J Fluid Mech, 917: A28 [Journal link], [Pre-print]
Featured in Nature Research Highlights
Featured in FY Fluid Dynamics

Emergent robustness of bacterial quorum sensing in fluid flow
MP Dalwadi and P Pearce (2021)
Proc Natl Acad Sci USA, 118: e2022312118 [Journal link], [Pre-print]

Optimising the flow through a concertinaed filtration membrane
VE Pereira, MP Dalwadi, E Ruiz-Trejo, and IM Griffiths (2021)
J Fluid Mech, 913: A28 [Journal link], [Pre-print]

Using singular perturbation theory to determine kinetic parameters in a non-standard coupled enzyme assay
MP Dalwadi, D Orol, F Walter, NP Minton, JR King, and K Kovács (2020)
J Math Biol, 81: pp 649–690, [Journal link], [Pre-print]

A systematic upscaling of nonlinear chemical uptake within a biofilm
MP Dalwadi and JR King (2020)
SIAM J Appl Math, 80: pp 1723–1750, [Journal link], [Pre-print]

A mathematical model to determine the effect of a sub-glycocalyx space
MP Dalwadi, JR King, RJ Dyson, and KP Arkill (2020)
Phys Rev Fluids, 5: 043103, 24 pages [Journal link], [Pre-print]

A mathematical framework for developing freezing protocols in the cryopreservation of cells
MP Dalwadi, SL Waters, HM Byrne, and IJ Hewitt (2020)
SIAM J Appl Math, 80: pp 657-689 [Journal link], [Pre-print]

An asymptotic analysis of the malonyl-CoA route to 3-hydroxypropionic acid in genetically engineered microbes
MP Dalwadi and JR King (2020)
Bull Math Biol, 82: 36, 31 pages [Journal link], [Pre-print]

Upscaling diffusion through first-order volumetric sinks: a homogenization of bacterial nutrient uptake
MP Dalwadi, Y Wang, JR King, and NP Minton (2018)
SIAM J Appl Math, 78: pp 1300-1329 [Journal link], [Pre-print]

Applying asymptotic methods to synthetic biology: modelling the reaction kinetics of the mevalonate pathway
MP Dalwadi, M Garavaglia, JP Webb, JR King, and NP Minton (2018)
J Theor Biol, 439: pp 39-49 [Journal link], [Pre-print]

The effect of weak inertia in rotating high-aspect-ratio vessel bioreactors
MP Dalwadi, SJ Chapman, JM Oliver, and SL Waters (2018)
J Fluid Mech, 835: pp 674-720 [Journal link], [Pre-print]

Multi-timescale analysis in synthetic biology: a kinetic model for 3-hydroxypropionic acid production via beta-alanine
MP Dalwadi, JR King, and NP Minton (2018)
J Math Biol, 77: pp 165-199 [Journal link], [Pre-print]

Mathematical modeling of chemical agent removal by reaction with an immiscible cleanser
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SIAM J Appl Math, 77: pp 1937-1961 [Journal link], [Pre-print]

A multiscale method to calculate filter blockage
MP Dalwadi, M Bruna, and IM Griffiths (2016)
J Fluid Mech, 809: pp 264-289 [Journal link], [Pre-print]

On the boundary layer structure near a highly permeable porous interface
MP Dalwadi, SJ Chapman, SL Waters, and JM Oliver (2016)
J Fluid Mech, 798: pp 88-139 [Journal link], [Pre-print]

Understanding how porosity gradients can make a better filter using homogenization theory
MP Dalwadi, IM Griffiths, and M Bruna (2015)
Proc R Soc A, 471: 20150464 [Journal link], [Pre-print]

Book chapters

Asymptotic homogenization with a macroscale variation in the microscale
MP Dalwadi (2018)
Multiscale Models in Mechano and Tumor Biology: Modeling, Homogenization and Applications, Chapter 2, pp 27-43 [Link], [Pre-print]