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Professor Allan Brimicombe

Address: University of East London, E16 2RD

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22 : SEDUC
Socio-Environmental Disorder and Urban Configuration

PhotoPartners of project SEDUC jointly propose knowledge transfer in the area of anti-social behaviour (ASB), disorder in the urban environment and the physical configuration of urban areas.

Sustainable communities are safe, perceived as safe (low levels of fear) and are attractive (low levels of disorder). ASB and physical disorder can thus be viewed as barometers of sustainability but need to be analysed locally, using Local Authority held data sets, in order to feed back into physical and social infrastructure planning, maintenance programmes and community safety interventions.

This project aims to provide for capacity building and skills enhancement in the Community Safety Units and Planning Departments of Tower Hamlets, Newham and Barking & Dagenham:

  • a) Automated methods of data preparation of these 'dirty' data sets for analysis.
  • b) Generic use of Space Syntax in planning and specifically in the analysis of ASB and physical disorder against metrics of the configuration of street networks.
  • c) Design of appropriate responses for minimising recurrence, design against crime and fostering community cohesion.
  • d) Provision of Practice Guide for wider dissemination that will ensure the sustainability of knowledge transfer in this area beyond the life of the project.

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