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Ava Fatah gen. Schieck

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Media screens as a medium for communication

PhotoThe project aims at influencing developments related to the sustainable implementation of urban media screens by looking at issues from a multitude of perspectives.

Knowledge transfer will be achieved through debate, exchange and knowledge share. This will be realised through the establishment of a panel that involves a selected group of people from media specialists, artists, architects, urban designers, broadcasters and theorists, who will be sharing lessons learned from their experience.

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The panel will be presenting their views to a group of people involved in the planning process on a local and regional level and other parties involved in the generation of sustainable communities. The panel will critique case studies of live development projects that implement media screens and promote creative visions for alternative content and different ways of using the current digital display.

It is hoped that the debate will steer stakeholders towards establishing a process whereby innovative ideas presented by the panel of experts can influence a framework for planning guidance on sustainable design solutions for the deployment of the screens in London, the wider South East region and beyond.


Case study: Virtueel Museum Zuidas

Posted by: Ava Fatah gen. Schieck
Date: 30/07/08

Scream Case Study

Posted by: UB Admin
Date: 22/07/08
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