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Dr Robert Biel

Address: 1-19 Torrington Place, WC1H 6BT

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Contact Number: 020 7679 5807


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Activating Blighted Urban Niches for Daring Agricultural Networks of Creativity and Endeavour

PhotoThe project’s aim is to make a qualitative input into the ‘Transition Towns’ movement, by promoting a radical rethink of the possibilities for urban agriculture (UA) in an innercity context.

The project will do three things:

Mapping: initiate a process of mapping potentially cultivatable land (and more broadly, space, e.g. rooftops) in Brixton, South London.

Growing: promote the actual cultivation of one pilot plot already identified and incorporating a full growing season.

Demonstrating: show communities with potential growing space how they can begin UA, set up food hubs and training partnerships.

Best practice learnt from academic overseas experience will be transferred to London’s local communities. In encouraging the city to feed itself, legacies will include:

  • The stimulating of a process of community knowledge-building and action
  • The convincing of Local Authorities to welcome community UA projects in their own housing estates
  • The contribution to a radical reappraisal of the future of cities in an era of adaptation, to the need for low-throughput living and a low energy future.

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