The Ultrasonics Group at UCL

The Ultrasonics Group at UCL carries out research in areas spanning the bio-medical and industrial applications of ultrasound science.

Ultrasound has many exciting new applications as a non-invasive therapeutic and diagnostic tool in medicine. There are still many remaining challenges however, hindering a more widespread clinical use and the UCL Ultrasonics Group is aiming to overcome some of these.

The activity of the group is split between theoretical modelling and experimentation. We have a long history of developing powerful, mainly numerical solutions for the propagation and scattering of ultrasound in complex media. These models, based on thorough understanding of the basic physics involved, are used to design and optimise experiments and to best interpret and analyse experimental results.

The group has access to some of the best experimental facilities in the world, across a range of specialist laboratories at UCL and its partner hospitals. The group's own Ultrasonics Laboratory houses a wide range of state-of-the-art ultrasonic equipment.

We collaborate widely with other academic research groups, clinicians and industry and have created a multi-disciplinary, creative environment with researchers from a diverse range of backgrounds.