Spatial data for Heliconius butterflies and allies


This webpage makes point locality records for heliconiine butterflies collected from museum collections freely available. The dataset is described in detail in Rosser et al. 2012. Click here to download and/or plot the data using Google Fusion Tables. Use the filter to select species or subspecies. Note that not all data displays at broad resolutions. Hybrids appear as two records: one for each of the putative progenitors. Maps of species and subspecies ranges are available as as .jpegs and .pngs here. Any queries to neil.rosser AT alumni.ucl.ac.uk


If using these data please cite: Rosser, N., A. B. Phillimore, B. Huertas, K. R. Willmott, and J. Mallet. 2012. Testing historical explanations for gradients in species richness in heliconiine butterflies of tropical America. Biological Journal of the Linnean Society 105:479–497.