Office of the Vice-President (Strategy)


Strategy, data and insight

The Vice-President (Strategy) team manages the strategic planning cycle and oversees the delivery of the Strategic Plan, providing data analysis and insight to support strategic, evidence-based decision-making at UCL. Find out how they can support you.
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Strategy implementation

How you can support the delivery of UCL’s Strategic Plan and access support for the strategic planning cycle in faculties and departments



How to access data analysis and insight to support strategic, evidence-based decision-making at UCL


Data governance

Find out how we are working to better govern and manage our organisational data


New programme initiation

Find out how to initiate a new programme at  UCL (this page is currently being updated)

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Communities of Practice

Be part of the communities of practice we sponsor - data and insight and project and programme management

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Ask the team

Find out about the team of the Vice-President (Strategy) and how we can support you