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Working with City Leaders

Engineers, designers and planners are increasingly confronted with the complex and distributed system of leadership in the world's cities. From the changing roles of national and local governments, the shifting contours of the smart city agenda, the embedded short-termism of political mandates, to the rise of business partnerships and global networks with other cities, the political environment urban practitioners face today is varied and challenging.

Today, effective city leaders are those individuals and businesses that understand how to navigate and shape this complexity, and turn challenges into innovations.

Transform the way you and your business work

Working with City Leaders is a short course which equips professionals with practical guidance and tools on how to effectively engage city decision- makers, how to operate with insight in political challenges and gain a greater confidence at a strategic partnering level in cities. With the guidance of expert practitioners Dr Ellie Cosgrave and Dr Tim Moonen, the workshop challenges professionals to develop a core set of policy and strategic skills which will shape their capacity to steer the future development of cities and the way they are led, managed and governed.

The four key themes covered on the course are:

  • The ups and downs of global urbanisation
  • The changing character of city leadership in an urban age
  • Emerging city trends influencing strategic projects and consulting demands
  • The different kinds of innovation to address leadership and governance deficits in cities
  • How to engage, communicate and marshal stakeholders to win and deliver projects while also building a strategic agenda for a city.

Meet the experts

Ellie Cosgrave
Dr Ellie Cosgrave 

Lecturer in Urban Innovation 

Tim Moonen 2017
Dr Tim Moonen

Managing Director at the The Business of Cities


 Previous courses 

Fundamentals of City Leadership - Arup London

Fundamentals of City Leadership was a highly interactive, one-day workshop delivered by UCL STEaPP's City Leadership Laboratory, to mid-career engineering practitioners from Arup.

The workshop equipped participants with a practical guide on how to effectively engage with city decision-makers and to reach beyond simply being receivers of a political agenda into developing a set of fundamental policy skills with the guidance of experts in the area of urban policy and innovation, Professor Michele Acuto and Professor Greg Clark.

The Fundamentals of City Leadership workshop expands upon the City Leadership Laboratory's ethos of connecting urban innovation and policy practice across boundaries and partnering with centres of expertise around the world in cutting edge education and research.

Images from Fundamentals of City Leadership

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