Social Values and Health Priority Setting at UCL


Social Values and Health Priority Setting

Jointly led by UCL School of Public PolicyKing's College London Medical School and NICE international and in collaboration with a host of international partners, our research project compares the decisions made about resource allocation in health care in different countries, and to explore the differing social values that shape those choices. In the light of our analyses, we have developed a set of principles in the form of a template to guide policy makers in any country when facing the 'values challenge' in health care prioritisation. We also provide a decision support tool for Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) in the NHS to help them when making challenging resource allocation decisions that feature social values such as equity, solidarity and value for money

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About Us

All health care systems are facing the challenge of ensuring that high quality care is provided to the maximum number of people at a cost that the country can afford

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Catalogue of Case Studies

Case studies provide insight into the challenges of priority setting and into the role that social values play in priority setting decisions