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week 3 15.05.2003

Raphael DiLuzio

seasonal fungue disorder

Seasonal Fugue Disorder deals with an individual’s relation to Nature as a system that embodies both chaos and order. This work is meant to explore our physiological, emotional and psychological connection to the flux of the seasons. It examines the individual’s relation, awareness and attention to time and place. The work raises questions of our need to foist order upon the spontaneous and chaotic structure of Nature by representing it as a system “ordered” by chaos. A DV camera has been set in a secure location in a forest in Maine. This camera is linked to a computer and the Internet and thus may be remotely controlled. Throughout the ensuing four seasons,it is documenting each day of the week from
sunrise to sunset (at a timelapse rate of approximately 1.5 minutes per day). This will result in each season being represented by a two and three quarter hour video. For not-TV, the days will be streamed continually throughout the year and satellite and other weather information will be accessible. The final piece will result in a installation of the four seasonal movies complete with montages of satellite weather information form corresponding days and sounds particular to the season. The first installation will be in Rockport Maine, with subsequent venues to be established. A description of the installation follows: Seasonal Fugue Disorder will be set in a darkened four-walled space. There will be an entrance to the space set near a corner. Up to thirty-two viewers at a time can enter the space and view the work. Each viewer will be given a set of
headphones, small battery pack and a remote radio frequency device. In the space the viewers will see movies on each wall depicting the four seasons (see description following). When a viewer stands in front of a particular image their presence will be “sensed” and they will hear one of four poems recited about a
season, although not the season they are watching. Additionally, they will hear sounds that are congruent with a given poems particular season, for example: rain in the spring etc. There will also be an on going faint dialogue with each season of a couple discussing their positive and negative reactions to each season. As the viewer moves from wall to wall, and therefore from sensory zone to sensory zone, their headset will “pickup” the particular poem that is playing in front of a wall at that time. If they were to stand in front of one wall after five minutes the seasonal movie would change along with the poem.


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