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Being There

not TV's Being There is an invited submissions project involving international contributers.

Being There is a project to explore the overlap of physical and on-line virtual space, by facilitating the creation of artworks that are made specifically in part or in whole for the Internet.

Being There is a project concerned with the idea of transcending space. With modern forms of communication (for example the telephone, television and the Internet) there is a bridging of physical space, enabling people to communicate with each other without physically being in the presence of each other. Being There refers to the term telepresence, where a person has the sense of being present at a distance. For this project the viewers are in the presence of the artwork, wherever they physically are when they view the work.

The project and web site will launch with a party in London on 1st May, then a new artist will be showcased once a week on a Thursday. There will be some information about the artist. There will be an opportunity to contact the artist and a notice board for any comments that you want to appear on the page.

There are also links and text to accompany the site as background information.

for any more information, please contact us.