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week 9 26.06.2003

Lewis La Cook


Anningan is a constantly evolving hypertext chat bot. I look at him as the hypermedic equivalent of a novel-in-progress; as such, he is always in progress. You may encounter blank spots in Anningan's discourse because of this.
To use Anningan: click on the globe on the page behind this one. He opens in a fullscreen window; he begins one of many narrative threads. This beginning is randomly chosen; this beginning determines the narrative course you follow during the piece. Respond to Anningan's questions in the form field provided. Your responses determine the flow of Anningan's discourse; direct responses to his questions launch the varying branches of his narrative; other responses elicit different behaviors from Anningan. At times, Anningan will flow toward a more monologue-like form of communication; at this point, your responses will have no effect on him. He has slipped beyond you.
This is not an exercise in Artificial Intelligence;
instead, it's an experiment in literary form.

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