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week 7 12.06.2003

Laura Floyd

Tuff Luck Cafe

Tuff Luck Cafe was my way of coming to terms with living in Dixie. I grew up in Connecticut, where my family proudly traces its origin back to 1642.  When I was 17 I broke with tradition and left New England to attend college in Florida.  In spite of the culture shock and my initial distaste for low-brow Southern culture, I eventually married a smalltown public school teacher and stayed.  The subsequent years of acculturation have given me new perspective on my snooty yankee heritage.  The process of collecting images from our many roadtrips over the past decade has helped me accept what is ugly and rude, and appreciate what is unassuming, disobedient, funny and honest about 'Rednecks.'

With the advent of the Internet, Television no longer wields the
mighty social influence it once did.  But what has 50 years of TV done to us? This first installment of the JiffyLux project is an exploration into the roots of American consumer culture, the boom of mass media advertising in the 1950’s. Expected launch date, Fall 2003


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