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week 5 29.05.2003

Crankbunny / Norma V Toraya

Future Installment Three : Infrasound

Full Installment Three: Infrasound is a web movie with
a timeline and narrative sequence that is based on the naive interaction of the user and past user interactions. Infrasound is a story about a type of heaven that exists in the future. An ephemeral plane where individuals go after finding themselves. This type of heaven is found within infrasound.
Infrasound is a level of bass humans can't hear, and a few species of animals can and use to communicate with. Natural phenomenon also is known to omit levels of infrasound. In relation to the theme - art of narrative - the internet movie (machine) Full Installment Three: Infrasound acts as a new type of host for individual unique narratives to grow from communal internet experiences. The art of narrative mimics the art of living (life), where one has their own self and occurrences which also add to the chain of events in life itself.


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