Niki Kohandel – BA/BFA

Based in London

I work at the interplay between the analogue and the digital, using nearly obsolete recording devices and my imperfect knowledge of languages to document stories and re-narrate family tales. Since October 2021, together with Sanam Monteiro, Massi Safa and Omar Yaqobi, I have been working with Shahre Farang, facilitating both regular and one-off workshops in bridging hotels and community centres. Our collective supports children and young people who have newly arrived in the UK through multi-disciplinary story-telling sessions. Our workshops combine drawing, play, writing, drama and crafts to reflect on how emotions are expressed, remembered and communicated when stepping into a foreign city.

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    Minevissam (I am writing)

    Minevissam (I am writing)

    , Niki Kohandel, 2023, 16mm to digital (hand-coloured, hand-punched), colour, sound

    and the daughter began to tell a story
    about seeing when colours remain silent to you
    about listening, when words refuse blooming anew

    Minevissam is screening on the hour during show opening times. Workshop and discussion held in conjunction are co-facilitated with Sanam Monteiro from Shahre Farang / ig @shahrefarangstories

    ©the artist