Research Areas

WP1 Analytical frames of a circular economy, resources and sustainable growth in China, Europe, and international. This WP 1 will produce a discussion paper in year one and serves as a forum for reflections throughout the duration of SINCERE.
WP2 Analysing Historical Dynamics; WP 2 will analyse drivers for resource efficiency and competitiveness, international trade patters, dynamics of material use and related patenting activity.
WP3  Indicators and Metrics; WP 3 will analyse the Chinese indicators on a circular economy and compare it with the EU indicators on resource efficiency as well as with new research findings. It will also carry out a survey in China and a case study on metals.
WP4 Institutions and Policies; WP 4 will analyse innovation systems in both China and Europe. The analysis will develop detailed chronologies of policy change, identifying the role of interests and ideas in the innovation system responses to policy, and in shaping policy change itself.
WP5  Resource Efficiency, Circular Economy and Macroeconomic Dynamics; WP 5 will develop quantified model-based scenarios and storylines to explore possible futures for both regions up to 2050. Analysing expected resource inputs, price developments and trade patterns it will establish new modelling tools, one based on a dynamic bottom-up model (DyMAS), another one as Computable Equilibrium Model (CGE). It will also discuss other modelling tools (e.g. ASTRA and modules from TRANSFORM, IMPULSE, UCL TIAM, city modelling).