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The UCL Science Society is a social dining club for members of UCL with a general interest in Science. We meet five times per year to enjoy a talk on a scientific topic of general interest and have dinner together. If you would like to join the society, please write to the secretary. Membership of the society costs £10/year and is open to all current and past UCL employees. Non members are welcome to join us for the talk only, but need to book in advance using the form below. Read more about the society.

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Next Science Society Meeting

Time & Date0:00 Monday 11/3/2019
LocationWilkins Garden Room
Title"Alzheimer's disease; from mouse to man?"
Speaker Prof Frances Edwards, Professor of Neurodegeneration (Department of Neuroscience Physiology and Pharmacology, University College London)
AbstractAnyone who has witnessed the effects of Alzheimer’s disease will realise the urgency of preventing the clinical onset of this devastating and all too common condition. However, so far, understanding of the cause or the progression of the disease is limited and, while a few drugs are available that mitigate the symptoms in some people, no treatments are available that prevent the ongoing progression, from the relatively late stage at which the disease is currently diagnosed.
This talk will give a basic map of what we know of the pathological progression of Alzheimer’s disease and its causes in man. I will then go on to discuss how we try to model the disease in mice and the advantages and disadvantages of these models and how we might aim to improve them. I will touch on the areas of disease that can be studied in mice and man, how we try to bring this information together and what that tells us.
Finally I will present a new hypothesis that will shortly be published in Trends in the Neurosciences in which I try to connect the dots of all the focussed studies to present a coherent time line of how the different pathologies of Alzheimer’s disease might be connected and why the cognitive deterioration only reaches a level that can be diagnosed after decades of disease progression.
NotesRefreshments at 17.30 and dinner for members and interested people at 19.00hrs.

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