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The UCL Science Society is a social dining club for members of UCL with a general interest in Science. We meet five times per year to enjoy a talk on a scientific topic of general interest and have dinner together. If you would like to join the society, please write to the secretary. New members are elected at our annual general meeting. Membership of the society costs £10/year. Non members are welcome to join us for the talk only, but need to book in advance using the form below. Read more about the society.

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Next Science Society Meeting

Time & Date18:00 Tuesday 12/12/2017
Location25 Gordon St Room D103 AT 6PM. NO REFRESHMENTS BEFORE (dinner in the Haldane Room at 19.00hrs)
Title“Sleep—From Aristotle to Zebrafish”.
Speaker Prof Jason Rihel (UCL)
AbstractSleep is a deeply conserved phenomenon, yet the mechanisms that regulate sleep are still being uncovered. Over the past decade, we have leveraged the genetic facility and optical transparency of the larval zebrafish to map molecular and neuronal substrates that control the timing and duration of sleep. Like humans, zebrafish display circadian and homeostatically regulated periods of quiescence, during which the larvae are less sensitive to their environment. Furthermore, zebrafish sleep is regulated by similar genetic and neuronal systems as humans, including the hypocretin/orexin system that is lost in patients with the sleep disease, narcolepsy. Using a combination of pharmacology, genetics, and neuronal imaging, we have uncovered several additional neuropeptide signalling systems that modulate sleep’s timing relative to the light-dark cycle and duration after prolonged wakefulness. This presentation will focus on our recent work that aims to address how these neuropeptides impact neuronal circuits to orchestrate sleep drive.

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