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The UCL Science Society is a social dining club for members of UCL with a general interest in Science. We meet five times per year to enjoy a talk on a scientific topic of general interest and have dinner together. If you would like to join the society, please write to the secretary. New members are elected at our annual general meeting. Membership of the society costs £10/year. Non members are welcome to join us for the talk only, but need to book in advance using the form below. Read more about the society.

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Time & Date18:00 Tuesday 27/2/2018
LocationGalton LT, 1-19 Torrington Pl; dinner in G40/41 NPP PhD Common Room, Gd floor between Med Sc/MRC, near the Schild LT
TitleThe Conscious Phenotype
Speaker Prof Geraint Rees. Dean of the UCL Faculty of Life Sciences (UCL. )
AbstractThe conscious phenotype
Consciousness is central to the human condition, furnishing us with phenomenal awareness of the external world and the ability to reflect upon our own thoughts and experiences. Almost half our communication concerns the contents of our thoughts and experiences. The shared language we use to do this obscures the recent realization that there is substantial variability in how different people experience the same physical environment. Moreover, key aspects of this variability in conscious experience are heritable, suggesting a conscious phenotype with adaptive significance. In this talk I will explore the nature of individual differences in conscious perception and their neural basis, focusing on both structure and function of the human brain.
NotesLecture location Galton LT; G40/41 PhD Common Room NPP. Gd flr between MedSc/MRC- near Schild LT

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