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The Preterm Development Project

"Helping us help premature babies"

We are studying which aspects of very premature babies’ brain growth and early development in infancy are different from those of babies born at full term.

The study is set to follow these infants from birth and through their early years.

Preterm Development Project Aims

With this research we aim to answer two important questions about very preterm births:

  1. How do the brain structure and connections, and early measures of learning in preterms differ from those of full term babies at the same age?
  2. Do these early measures of brain structure and growth, and development of learning relate to developmental attainment at 2 years and at school age?


This study is run in collaboration with the Neonatal Service at University College Hospital and is funded by a national charity called SPARKS.

In addition, the Wellcome Trust supports the research into EEG analysis and our researchers are partly funded by the UCL Impact studentships and Great Ormond Street Children’s Charity.

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