Office of the Vice-President (Strategy)


UCL Year Planner

The UCL Year Planner allows colleagues across UCL to see and search through the key dates and deadlines across the academic year. It aims to help UCL staff to plan for these activities effectively.

The UCL Year Planner is available on Outlook. To see the calendar:

In Outlook for Office 365:

  • In the calendar view, click Add Calendar or Open Calendar
  • Search for Planning.Yearplanner in the address book
  • To control whether the events are shown separately or merged with your calendar, right-click on the coloured bar at the top of the calendar and click overlay

In Outlook Web Access:

  • In the calendar view, click Add Calendar
  • Select Add from Directory, search for Planning.Yearplanner, and click Add

There are a number of other calendars that you may also wish to refer to when planning your time. These are:

For more information or to suggest an event for the calendar, please email ucl.yearplanner@ucl.ac.uk.