PGTA - Institute for Materials Discovery (Data)

25 March 2024

This opportunity is no longer available

Institute for Materials Discovery are looking for a PGTA. Start date: 15 April 2024 Deadline to apply 8 April 2024 by 5pm

Students studying in the UCL Student Centre

Department: Institute for Materials Discovery
Modules: NSCI0017 Research Project

Number of hours: 6-8 hours per week
Start date: 15 April 2024
Duration: Up to 6 months

Grade: PGTA (Grade 6)
Location: London

Application deadline: 8 April 2024 by 5pm

Job description 

The purpose of this job is to support teaching and learning for the MSc students undertaking the Advanced Materials Science programme at IMD, focusing on the Data Driven Materials Discovery (DDMD) route. The Postgraduate Teaching Assistants will work along with the leads for the module NSCI0017 Research Project and other teaching and research staff involved with this module, and are expected to deliver planned demonstrations and contribute to the development of online tutorials for different computational tools including software carpentry. General knowledge of Linux operating systems, Python, and/or machine learning frameworks is needed. Normally, candidates should have an interest in general computational materials modelling and simulation.

Download the job description

Key responsibilities 

  • Class preparation and meeting with lecturers/module organisers
  • Teaching assistance through the facilitation of seminars and/or workshops
  • Giving feedback to students

Requirements for role 

The candidate is expected to support the students on software issues and help the students to install, setup, debug and run their computational materials modelling and/or machine learning tools. Furthermore, they are expected to provide advice and support for data pre- and post-processing and visualization, also contribute to the development, maintenance and updating of various online tutorials

How to apply 

Send a CV and Covering Letter to enquiries.materialsdiscovery@ucl.ac.uk