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Information about the Psychology Affiliate programme

** New Psychology Affiliates will be provided with an online induction prior to the start of teaching **

About 50 students each semester come to UCL to study undergraduate Psychology as 'affiliated students' - students who do not undertake a full degree course but spend half or all of one academic year taking modules here. These can usually be counted for credit in their home university, for instance under a 'Junior Year Abroad' scheme.

Structure of the Programme |Modules Offered in 2020-21

Credits denote the value and length of each module. Generally a module that runs for one term has a credit value of 15 whereas a module that runs throughout the year has a credit value of 30. You are expected to take 120 credits over the year which is roughly equivalent to 32 credits in the U.S. If you are at UCL for just one term of teaching then you are expected to take 60 credits, equivalent to 16 credits in the U.S. (or 30ECTS).  For 2020-21, Psychology modules are planned to be taught online in the format of pre-recorded lectures and live sessions to support students with the pre-recorded materials. Only the live sessions will appear on the UCL Online Timetable. All modules will also be assessed remotely for 2020-21.

Term 1 teaching starts on 5th October 2020 and Term 2 teaching starts on 11th January 2021. Psychology modules will typically have 1 or 2 hours of pre-recorded lectures each week.

Seminars (often referred to in the U.S as 'tutorials,' 'sections' or 'recitations')
In addition to attending teaching for each module you must also attend smaller groups called seminars which typically meet once per week to discuss ideas arising from the lecture material and to review written work. Seminars start 1 week after lectures have begun and comprise around 10 students. Unlike recitations in the U.S., there is only one seminar group where you discuss work from ALL your modules. There are not seminars attached to a particular class.

The seminars are each led by a demonstrator who records attendance, marks and provides feedback on coursework (essays and exercises) and chairs the discussion in the seminars. For Psychology Affiliates there is the option to receive credit for this seminar (further details will be provided in your induction materials). For 2020-21 seminars are planned to run online.

Attendance at seminars and submission of required written work are compulsory if you wish to take the examinations for the modules for which you have signed up.

Reading Weeks
In 2020-21 Reading Weeks are the weeks beginning Monday 9th November 2020, and Monday 15th February 2021.


Psychology affiliate students, like students studying for a degree at UCL, will usually be assessed by essays (the exception are lab classes and the independent research project). However, along the way, students receive feedback in their seminars. Once a week you will meet with a seminar leader who will assign essays and lead conversations about the important topics in your modules. While the marks on your essays will not count towards your final marks, completion of seminar essays is required and seminar attendance is a prerequisite for sitting the examinations. Your final report will comment on your participation and attendance in seminar classes.

Affiliate students leaving in December will usually submit TWO 2000 word essays PER MODULE. These essays are not to be submitted by those staying for the whole year even if they finish the module in December. Full-year affiliates and those who arrive in January will usually be assessed by examination only (for 2020-21 these exams will be take-home exam papers submitted remotely online). Students staying until June will take the same take-home examinations as those taken by UCL degree students.

Note: These guidelines apply only to modules taken in Psychology. For other modules refer to the department concerned.

Honour Code
Students will be trusted to conduct themselves honourably in examinations and in preparing coursework. Particular attention is drawn to the UCL guidelines on plagiarism.

What current students sayFurther Information

I chose UCL on recommendation from my academic advisor at UWA. At first it was quite stressful trying to get into a different system of teaching, let alone a whole new continent. Now that I’ve found my feet though, I think it will help in making me more independent when it comes to increasing my knowledge in any particular subject I choose. Studying abroad will demonstrate to future employers that I am flexible and can adapt well to new situations.

Andrew Cheah, University of Western Australia.

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Fees, Costs and Funding
Information on fees and living costs.
Applying for the Affiliate Psychology Programme

The UCL Affiliate Psychology programme currently admits about 50 full-time undergraduate affiliate students each term. Applications exceed this number and are increasing.

Offers are based on academic record and letters of reference. Most successful applicants have achieved an overall Grade Point Average at least a 3.3 (or equivalent) and have at least one excellent mark in a psychology module.

To apply as an affiliated student in Psychology please visit the UCL International Office pages for more information. There you can download an application and find out about application deadlines, etc.

Contact: For further information about the Affiliate programme, please email the Affiliate Tutor: Prof Daniel Richardson