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Supervision of Psychological Therapies

Welcome to the competence framework for supervision. This page gives access to background documentation and to the framework itself (the "map" of competences and the full list of competences)

Overview of the Framework – background documentation

It is important to read the background documentation before making use of the map and the competences, as this will help you to understand the thinking behind the framework.

There are two background documents introducing the framework and its application:

Background document for clinicians and commissioners - this is essential reading for users of the framework. It explains the principles which guided its development, and the ways in which it can be applied

Background document for service users - this is a non-technical explanation of the role of supervision

A brief description of the competence framework for supervision

This framework was commissioned by the Care Services Improvement Partnership (CSIP), Skills for Health and NHS Education for Scotland. It is one of a suite of competence frameworks which describe the knowledge and skills associated with the effective delivery of a number of psychological therapies.

Much of the content of the supervision framework is pantheoretical: it is intended to be used by supervisors of all psychotherapeutic orientations. It locates supervision competences into a 'map', with four domains. The first outlines a set of Generic Supervision competences, which supervisors of all orientations will usually employ. Though still pantheoretical, the second domain of Specific Supervision competences outlines some particular supervisory tasks. The third domain focuses on model or context-specific supervision, and the fourth identifies the Metacompetences supervisors need to apply across all the other domains of the framework; these are usually examples of higher-order decision making. 

Downloading the competences 

We have tried to make downloading the lists of competences as easy as possible - you have two options:

1) To download competences from the map:  placing the cursor over any of the boxes in the map links you to the competences. To see the competences associated with a specific activity, just click on the relevant box

As described fully in the background documents, the map shows the four domains of competence, and the activities associated with each domain. The map mainly functions as an overview - it is not the full list of competences.

A pdf (printable) version of the map can be downloaded here

2) To download competence lists independently of the map, click on the relevant link below:

Applications of supervision to specific clinical contexts/ models / client populations

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