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The Quantum Information and Spacetime (QIST) research group at UCL

To support our research, donations can be made via UCL's dedicated donation link. All funds will be used for PhD student support. We currently have a remarkable PhD candidate, who requires a studentship. If this is something you feel you could support with a significant donation, please contact our senior finance officer.

If you're interested in attending a public lecture by Professor Oppenheim about the postquantum theory of classical gravity (virtually or live in London), there is one scheduled for Friday March 15th. You can get tickets for the virtual event here, or the in-person talk here.


The public lecture will review the two pillars of modern physics: quantum theory, and our current theory of gravity, Einsteins theory of general relativity. Jonathan will then outline why the two theories are incompatible, and explain how this inconsistency could be resolved if spacetime has random fluctuations. You should not need an undergraduate physics degree to understand the lecture, but you will need a keen interest in physics. Tickets for the virtual lecture will be on a sliding scale from £0 to £10. Proceeds from the lecture will support research activities in Oppenheims group. A Q&A will follow the lecture.