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Which Twitter accounts can you trust on Covid-19?

March 25th, 2020

There are suddenly a lot of COVID-19 experts on Twitter! And although it can be difficult to identify experts, finding out who the experts think are experts is easier. With Twitter analytics assistance from Kelly Truelove I've created a list of scientists and organisations with expertise relating to the COVID-19 pandemic who are themselves highly followed by experts.

The results can be found in the table below. It includes epidemiologists, virologists, medical professionals, data scientists, journalists, organisations and even a few politicians. A twitter list of experts who are themselves followed by large numbers of experts can be found under my twitter account here. The table below is ordered by how many twitter followers the account has who are themselves considered highly followed by their peers.

Fineprint: These lists are only a rough guide to help people find reliable information about COVID-19. The ordering below, and the list of 100 COVID-19 experts should not be taken as any kind of definitive ranking. It will depend on the original raw list of 300+ COVID-19 accounts (found here). I tried to include a broad selection of experts from around the world, but no doubt there are likely groups of experts who are missing (I am no expert). Kelly ran a script on the raw list to find out which twitter accounts are the most followed by members of the raw list. We then used the top followed scientists on this list to create a new raw list of twitter experts, and iterated this a few times. Kelly and I hope you find the table and twitter list useful. We don't have the capacity to keep the list updated, but we will re-run the scripts once or twice depending on feedback which can be given via this form.

1.@HelenBranswellHelen BranswellSr writer, infectious diseases @statnews. Conspiracy theory free zone; I block rude, racism. Please consider Googling first. #coronavirus #Covid19 #Ebola
2.@WHOWorld Health Organization (WHO)We are the #UnitedNations health agency. We are committed to achieving better health for everyone, everywhere - #HealthForAll
3.@JeremyFarrarJeremy FarrarDirector of the Wellcome Trust (@WellcomeTrust).
4.@mlipsitchMarc LipsitchInfectious disease epidemiologist and microbiologist, aspirational barista. mlipsitc@hsph.harvard.edu Director @CCDD_HSPH
5.@DrTedrosTedros Adhanom GhebreyesusDirector-General of the World Health Organization
6.@MackayIM , virologist. scientist. husband. dad. reader. writer. fixer. bad typist. in no order. facts referenced. opinions mine alone. not medical advice or endorsement.
7.@CDCDirectorDr. Robert R. RedfieldDirector, @CDCgov Note: Tweets prior to 3/26/2018 were from former CDC directors. Privacy policy: bit.ly/2MhQ6Hp #publichealth #science #government
8.@kakapeKai Kupferschmidtscience journalist. molecular biologist. curious. Contributing Correspondent at @sciencemagazine, reporting on #covid19. Interested in all things #blue
9.@Laurie_GarrettLaurie GarrettFormer Sr Fellow @CFR_org. Recipient of Pulitzer Prize, Polk (2Xs) and Peabody Awards. Author: IHeard theSirensScream, TheComingPlague, Ebola & BetrayalofTrust.
10.@T_InglesbyTom InglesbyDirector of @JHSPH_CHS, working to protect people from epidemics & disasters. Inf diseases, pub health, research, policy
11.@edyong209Ed YongScience writer at The Atlantic. Author of I CONTAIN MULTITUDES, a New York Times bestseller on animal-microbe partnerships. edyong.me (he/him)
12.@statnewsSTATReporting from the frontiers of health and medicine. Make sure to sign up for our free newsletters here: buff.ly/2DJgw2p
13.@CEPIvaccinesCEPICoalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI). We want to stop future epidemics by developing new vaccines for a safer world #OutsmartEpidemics
14.@MarionKoopmansMarion Koopmansvirology; public health microbiology; global pathogen surveillance; preparedness and respons; syndromic diagnostics, human animal interface
15.@richardhorton1richard hortonwelcome to a permanent attack on the present
16.@trvrbTrevor BedfordScientist @fredhutch, studying viruses, evolution and immunity.
17.@PeterHotezProf Peter Hotez MD PhDVaccine Scientist-Pediatrician-Author, Prof Dean @BCM_TropMed @TexasChildrens, Univ Prof @Baylor, Hagler Inst Advanced Study @TAMU, Founding Editor @PLOSNTDs
18.@DrTomFriedenDr. Tom FriedenPresident & CEO @ResolveTSL | Sr Fellow @CFR_org | Former Director @CDCgov & Cmish @nycHealthy | Focused on saving lives | COVID19 pandemic response & recovery
19.@cmyeatonCaitlin Rivers, PhDOutbreak science + epidemiology + health security. Assistant professor at Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security (@JHSPH_CHS). ELBI alum.
20.@maiamajumderMaia Majumder, PhDFaculty at @harvardmed & @Bos_CHIP. Alum of @MIT (PhD), @HPDSLab (postdoc), @healthmap, & @icddr_b. Married to @imran_malek. I also make art, music, & stories.
21.@BarackObamaBarack ObamaDad, husband, President, citizen.
22.@aetiologyDr. Tara C. SmithProfessor, infectious disease epidemiologist, writer, K & teen wrangler. Antibiotic resistance, zoonotic disease, scicomm, zombies. She/her. No one's sweetie.
23.@Chikwe_IChikwe IhekweazuDirector General, Nigeria Centre for Disease Control @NCDCgov
24.@AdamJKucharskiAdam KucharskiMathematician/epidemiologist at @LSHTM. @WellcomeTrust fellow and @TEDFellow. Author of The Rules of Contagion: kucharski.io/books/
25.@GaviSethSeth BerkleyCEO of @Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance. Medical doctor specializing in infectious disease epidemiology and global health.
26.@amymaxmenAmy MaxmenI report on science & scientists for Nature @naturenews. Views are my own. Researchers of all kinds, please write me any time at amy.maxmen at us.nature. com.
27.@marynmckMaryn McKennajournalist | senior fellow @EmoryCSHH | TED | books: BIG CHICKEN (PLUCKED), SUPERBUG, BEATING BACK THE DEVIL | secure: mmck@protonmail.com | She/her
28.@juliaoftorontoJulia BelluzHealth correspondent @voxdotcom #publichealth #globalhealth including #covid19 MIT Knight Fellow '14. Contact me securely @ jbelluz on KeyBase or DM for Signal
29.@CDCgovCDCCDC's official Twitter source for daily credible health & safety updates from Centers for Disease Control & Prevention. Privacy policy: bit.ly/2MhQ6Hp
30.@SCBriandDr Sylvie BriandDirector #epidemic and #pandemic diseases @WHO. #globalhealth #health #outbreak #Epidemic #HealthForAll Retweet endorsement. Views are my own
31.@TheLancetThe LancetWelcome to The Lancet on Twitter. Keep in touch with The Lancet, one of the world's leading general medical journals, published weekly since 1823 #FutureChild
32.@sciencecohenJon CohenScience magazine reporter. Interested in infectious diseases, immunology, vaccines, public health, genomics, CRISPR, primates, surfing.
33.@gatesfoundationGates FoundationProgress is possible, but only if we invest in young peoples potential.
34.@neil_fergusonneil_fergusonInfectious disease modeller/epidemiologist. Director of J-IDEA and the MRC Centre for Global Infectious Disease Analysis
35.@BillGatesBill GatesSharing things I'm learning through my foundation work and other interests.
36.@CDCGlobalCDC Global HealthCDC works 24/7 to save lives, reduce disease, and improve #globalhealth around the world. Links, follows, and retweets do not constitute endorsement.
37.@alexandraphelanDr Alexandra PhelanGlobal Health Lawyer @Georgetown_GHSS | Adjunct Professor @GeorgetownLaw | International law, infectious disease, climate change, human rights | | She/Her
38.@onisillosonisillos sekkides I possibly tweet too much, so follow with caution. Unserious Editor-in-Chief of @LancetMicrobe. My opinions are my own, probably. Married to @Turneeps5
39.@DrMikeRyanMike RyanPublic health specialist, father of 3. Executive Director of @WHO Health Emergencies Programme. Irish national, global citizen.
40.@trevormundelTrevor MundelPresident of Global Health at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Science is my passion.
41.@mvankerkhoveMaria Van KerkhoveInfectious Disease Epidemiologist; COVID-19 Technical Lead @WHO, WHO Health Emergencies Programme. Mother of 2. Opinions are my own
42.@NEJMNEJMThe New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM.org) is the worlds leading medical journal and website.
43.@jennifergardyJennifer GardyDeputy Director, Surveillance, Data, & Epidemiology @gatesfoundation (malaria), science TV presenter @cbcdocs, & kids science writer. in . She/her.
44.@simonihaySimon I. HayFather. Optimist. Epidemiologist. INTJ. Specialize in mapping of global health @IHME_UW to resolve geographical inequalities in health metrics. RTs endorsing.
45.@gaviGaviGavi helps vaccinate half the worlds children against deadly infectious diseases. We are committed to working with our partners to #ProtectTheNextGeneration
46.@Atul_GawandeAtul GawandeSurgeon, Writer, Researcher, CEO.... havenhealthcare.com ariadnelabs.org lifebox.org
47.@martinenserinkMartin EnserinkScience journalist. International News Editor, Science magazine. Infectious diseases, global health, science policy.
48.@CIDRAPCIDRAPthe Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy at the University of Minnesota
49.@LawrenceGostinLawrence GostinDirector @ONeillInstitute; Chaired Prof. Global Health Law @GeorgetownLaw; Director @WHO Center on Public Health & Human Rights; Global Editor @JAMA_current
50.@TheLancetInfDisThe Lancet Infectious DiseasesThe Lancet Infectious Diseases is the leading clinical infectious diseases journal for peer-reviewed research and review, comment, and news. IF=27.516
51.@ProMED_mailProMED-mailWe report human, animal & plant #InfectiousDiseases, #toxin exposure & #ID news. Program of @ISID_org Free to subscribe: promedmail.org
52.@ChristoPhraserChristophe FraserInfectious disease epidemiologist. Professor @ Oxford BDI. Pathogen dynamics and evolution. HIV. AMR. Outbreaks.
53.@RebeccaKatz5Rebecca KatzProfessor and Director, Global Health Science & Security @Georgetown_GHSS @GUMedCenter. We develop evidence for action for public health emergencies worldwide.
54.@ScottGottliebMDScott Gottlieb, MDResident Fellow @AEI. Partner @NEA. Contributor @CNBC. 23rd Commissioner of the @US_FDA 2017 to 2019. @Pfizer @Illumina @AetionInc @TempusLabs
55.@gmleunghkuGabriel Leung@HKUMed dean, global health advocate, epidemiologist & family doctor
56.@arambautAndrew Rambaut Professor of Molecular Evolution | University of Edinburgh | FRSE
57.@doctorsoumyaSoumya SwaminathanChief Scientist, World Health Organization, tweeting in personal capacity
58.@wellcometrustWellcome TrustWe're a health research foundation. We support scientists, take on big health challenges, campaign for better science & help everyone get involved in research.
59.@LSHTMLondon School of Hygiene & Tropical MedicineNews and events from the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine press office.
60.@johnbrownsteinJohn BrownsteinInfectious disease epidemiologist; Chief Innovation Officer @BostonChildrens; Professor @HarvardMed; Founder @Healthmap & @Circulation; Contributor @ABCnews
61.@chngin_the_wrldSteffanie Strathdee, PhD Superbug Slayer #infectiousdisease #epidemiologist; author: #ThePerfectPredator Associate Dean of #globalhealth;Disturber; Co-director @IPATH Outspoken on #COVID19.
62.@paimadhuMadhu PaiDirector of @McGillGHP & @McGill_TB. Canada Research Chair @McGillU. Passionate about tuberculosis control & global health. Tweets are my own views.
63.@LancetGHThe Lancet Global Health#LancetGlobalHealth is an #OpenAccess journal publishing robustly designed original research on all aspects of #globalhealth Header photo: Simon Davis/DFID
64.@AfricaCDCAfrica CDC@AfricaCDC is a technical institution of the @_AfricanUnion strengthening the capacity of Member States to respond quickly and effectively to disease threats.
65.@PeterASingerPeter A Singer, OCSpecial Advisor to @WHO Director General. Co-founder @gchallenges & @utjcb. Here I speak for myself alone.
66.@MRC_OutbreakMRC Centre for Global Infectious Disease Analysis@WHO Collaborating Centre for infectious disease modelling. Follow us for regular reporting on coronavirus COVID-19, other research & opportunities.
67.@IlonaKickbuschIlona KickbuschProfessor Ilona Kickbusch PhD contributes to innovation in global health and health diplomacy. Now engaging in digital health. Always a feminist.
68.@lmadoffLarry MadoffInfectious disease doc, ProMED Editor, public health epidemiologist
69.@devisridharDevi SridharProfessor & Chair of Global Public Health, @EdinburghUni Medical School. Director of @GlobalHealthGP. Health governance, financing, policy, systems & security.
70.@BhadeliaMDDr. Nahid BhadeliaInfectious Dis MD, Assoc Prof; Dir.,Special Pathogen Unit @The_BMC,MedResponse BSL4 @neidl; Human Security @fletcherschool; HealthSyst/Outbreaks;Personal Tweets
71.@melindagatesMelinda GatesPhilanthropist, businesswoman, & global advocate for women & girls. Co-chair of the @gatesfoundation. Founder of Pivotal Ventures. Author of The Moment of Lift.
72.@CrofCrawford KilianRetired college teacher & persistent writer (journalism, science fiction, fantasy, regional history, education). Also blogging on too many subjects.
73.@healthmapHealthMapReal-time global public health surveillance of emerging infectious disease threats. Founded by @johnbrownstein and @clarkfreifeld @BostonChildrens @epidemico
74.@carlzimmerCarl Zimmer@nytimes columnist. Author: Planet of Viruses, She Has Her Mother's Laugh, etc. carlzimmer.com/books/
75.@InfectiousDzInfectious DiseasesWriting about Infectious Diseases here, there, and everywhere. Posts on infectious disease in English. Retweets in Spanish, French, Portuguese, maybe more.
76.@EricTopolEric Topolphysician-scientist, author, editor drerictopol.com
77.@nytimesThe New York TimesNews tips? Share them here: nyti.ms/2FVHq9v
78.@ECDC_EUECDCThe European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control. We aim at strengthening #Europe's defences against infectious diseases.
79.@WHOAFROWHO African RegionOfficial twitter account for the World Health Organization Regional Office for Africa - WHO/AFRO
80.@picardonhealthAndr PicardAndr Picard is the health columnist at The Globe and Mail. Author of "Matters of Life and Death." I tweet and RT about health issues, running and journalism.
81.@NIHDirectorFrancis S. CollinsOfficial Twitter account of Francis S. Collins, M.D., Ph.D., NIH Director. NIHTurning Discovery Into Health . Privacy Policy: https://t.co/QTI46zY00q
82.@CarlosdelRio7Carlos del RioExecutive Associate Dean for Emory at Grady; co-Director of Emory CFAR. Passionate about health equity. Posted opinions are own. RT not endorsements.
83.@AmeshAAAmesh AdaljaInfectious disease MD working on pandemic policy, emerging infections, preventing bioterror. centerforhealthsecurity.org/our-people/ada
84.@michaelmina_labMichael MinaAsst Professor of Epidemiology & Immunology & physician @ Harvard School of Public Health/Medicine. Study vaccines, immunity, infectious diseases, public health
85.@V2019NCOVID19"Everything we do before a pandemic will seem alarmist. Everything we do after will seem inadequate" -M. Leavitt News and updates #COVID19 #coronavirus
86.@MoetiTshidiDr Matshidiso MoetiWorld Health Organization (WHO) Regional Director for Africa
87.@ScienceMagazineScience MagazineThe world's leading outlet for cutting-edge research in all areas of science. Follow @NewsfromScience for stories from our news team.
88.@joshmichJosh MichaudAssociate Director Global Health @KFF. @SAISHopkins Prof. U.S. & International Health Policy, Health Security, Infectious Disease Epidemiology
89.@JenniferNuzzoJennifer Nuzzo, DrPHEpidemiology and global health security policy. Here: outbreakobservatory.org And here: linkedin.com/pub/jennifer-n
90.@glassmanamandaAmanda GlassmanEVP @CGDev + Senior Fellow, Global Health/Social Policy and Financing. Board chair @PRBdata & member @NewIncentives @MaishaMeds. Tweets personal views.
91.@RonaldKlainRonald KlainGen Counsel, Revolution. Biden 2020! Ex-Ebola Czar, Obama/Biden + Clinton/Gore WH. Married to @monicamedinadc; Dad of 3 adults. Tweets are my personal views.
92.@NatureNewsNature News & CommentFrom the news team at Nature, the international journal of #science. Daily newsletter: go.nature.com/naturebriefing, open for news tips: go.sn.pub/NewsTips
93.@NPRGoatsandSodaNPR Goats & SodaNPR's global health and development blog. Sign up for our weekly newsletter: n.pr/1TAuCBq
94.@PeterDaszakPeter Daszak@EcoHealthNYC President. @theNASEM Forum on #microbialthreats Chair. Zoologist. Parasitologist. Ecologist. British. American.
95.@ChrisJEliasChris EliasPresident of Global Development at @gatesfoundation. Tweeting about power of partnership to transform #health and #development. Views are my own.
96.@bmj_latestThe BMJThe BMJ is patient centred, evidence based, and independent. Help us improve the health of our world with the best science, journalism, education, and comment
97.@GlobalFundThe Global FundOfficial Twitter account of The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria. instagram.com/globalfund
98.@JeremyKonyndykJeremy MORE PPE NOW KonyndykDad, baker, beer snob. Pandemic prep & humanitarian aid @cgdev. Teach @Georgetownsfs. Ex-@USAID @theOFDA chief 2013-16. Views solely mine.
99.@pathogenomenickNick Lomanmicrobial (meta) genomes, sequencing, clinical applications, bioinformatics, prof @unibirmingham, fellow @mrcclimb & @turinginst
100.@HarvardChanSPHHarvardPublicHealthPowerful ideas for a healthier world.
101.@gregggonsalvesGregg GonsalvesI work @Yale focusing on operations research/epidemiology for infectious disease. In the real world: been an AIDS activist for ~30 yrs. Asst Prof YSPH.
102.@JAMA_currentJAMAJAMA is an international peer-reviewed general medical journal published weekly online and in print, and a member of the @JAMANetwork family of journals.
103.@edwardcholmesEddie HolmesVirus spotter You're twistin' my melon man.
104.@USAIDGHUSAID Global HealthFor 58 years, @USAID has improved the health of people in developing countries around the world. Privacy policy: usaid.gov/privacy-policy
105.@SRileyIDDSteven RileyHusband, dad and infectious disease scientist. Lucky to work with great people at universities, in governments and in NGOs... but all views here are my own.
106.@LizSzaboLiz SzaboSenior correspondent/enterprise reporter at Kaiser Health New, covering the quality of medical care. Spoiler alert: It could be better.
107.@TheEconomistThe EconomistNews and analysis with a global perspective. Subscribe here: econ.st/2eqtp7o
108.@bylenasunLenaSunHealth reporter for The Washington Post. Pls send tips to lena.sun@washpost.com Or secure drop wapo.st/2BnwcFK My stories: wapo.st/1mTCHnl
109.@OWMorganOliver MorganDirector for #globalhealth #surveillance and #riskassessment of #healthemergencies @WHO, protecting #health from #outbreaks and #humanitarian #emergencies
110.@DrNancyM_CDCDr. Nancy MessonnierCDC Vaccine Expert. Disease Detective & Mom. Comment policy: go.usa.gov/xnGCQ
111.@BogochIsaacIsaac BogochInfectious Diseases physician and scientist, with thoughts on Infectious Diseases, Tropical Medicine, HIV Prevention, Public Health, and Global Health issues
112.@ASTMHASTMHAn international organization promoting global health through the prevention and control of infectious and other diseases that afflict the global poor.
113.@CDCemergencyCDC EmergencyThe handle for CDC's Center for Preparedness and Response (CPR). We tweet ways to #PrepYourHealth, abt public health preparedness, & during emergency responses.
114.@PLOSMedicinePLOS MedicineThe leading weekly Open-Access medical journal. -- Image credit: dierk schaefer, Flickr
115.@PATHtweetsPATHPATH is a global team of innovators working to increase health equity so people, communities, and economies can thrive.
116.@PLOSPLOSBreaking boundaries. Empowering researchers. Opening Science.
117.@FluTrackersFluTrackers.comEst. 2006- We are a 503(c)(3)non profit charity of volunteers from many countries who document disease & human rights. Following does not imply endorsement.
118.@SueDHellmannSue Desmond-HellmannFan of science, running, cycling, reading, skiing, @sfgiants. Instagram @ suedesmondhellmann
119.@phylogenomicsJonathan #FlattenTheCurve EisenProf at #UCDavis; I study #microbes #evolution #genomics #symbioses; Against: #Microbiomania #Manels #Covid19; For: #STEMDiversity #BirdPhotography #OpenScience
120.@angie_rasmussenDr. Angela RasmussenVirologist @Columbia. All about the host response to emerging pathogens and systems-level mind-blowing. And pugs. SeaHAWKS. 1X Jeopardy! loser. she/her
121.@DreJoanneLiuDre Joanne LiuFormer International President of Mdecins Sans Frontires. Opinions expressed are my own. RT doesn't mean endorsement.
122.@Declan_M_ButlerDeclan ButlerBorn in Northern Living in depuis 30 ans et citoyen franais. European & liberal Journalist at Nature; opinions mine only. RTs not always endorsements.
123.@PLOSPathogensPLOS PathogensA non-profit, #OpenAccess journal that publishes important new ideas on bacteria, fungi, parasites, prions, & viruses. Image Credit: Alzheimer & Sharma (2020)
124.@UKAMREnvoyProf. Dame Sally DaviesUK Special Envoy on Antimicrobial Resistance. Former Chief Medical Officer for England. (For my 'day job' as Master @TrinCollCam pls see @MasterSallyTrin)
125.@natureNatureInternational weekly journal of science. Editorials, News & Views, Comment, Careers and primary research coverage here. For news, please see @NatureNews.
126.@gateshealthGates HealthThe Gates Foundation Global Health work harnesses advances in science and technology to save lives in developing countries.
127.@pahowhoPAHO/WHOWe work with countries throughout the region to improve and protect people's health. Regional Office @WHO. #HealthForAll
128.@NickKristofNicholas KristofOregon farmboy turned NY Times columnist, author with my wife, @WuDunn, of "Tightrope" bit.ly/2qUsgvr
129.@florian_krammerFlorian KrammerViruses, viruses, viruses and vaccines Professor at the Department of Microbiology Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
130.@K_G_AndersenKristian G. AndersenInfectious diseases & genomics. Immunologist in (voluntary) exile. Faculty @scrippsresearch. Sarcasm score of 0.01. Fierce HOA (Hater of Acronyms).
131.@C_AlthausChristian AlthausComputational epidemiologist, cyclist and citizen @ISPMBern @unibern
132.@CCDD_HSPHCCDD at Harvard ChanCenter for Communicable Disease Dynamics. Research on mathematical modeling of ID | Funded opportunities for students/researchers from under-represented groups
133.@JNkengasongJohn NkengasongDirector, Africa Centres for Disease Control and Prevention @AfricaCDC
134.@maggiemfoxMaggie FoxI write Health/Science/Tech in plain English. And in context. facebook.com/maggiefox.jour
135.@NIHNIHOfficial Twitter account of the National Institutes of Health. NIH...Turning Discovery Into Health . Visit:https://t.co/Sq1H7rBx8mPrivacy Policy:https://t.co/0BX8tXlORG
136.@EdWhiting1Ed Whiting@WellcomeTrust Director of Strategy. ex-No10, HMT. ,He/Him. Health, science, politics, all things Leeds, and my band- https://t.co/bPEQgaxMQN
137.@UNICEFUNICEFFind out how you can protect yourself and loved ones from #coronavirus.
138.@KindrachukJasonDr. Jason KindrachukAssistant Professor|Canada Research Chair|@umanitoba @UM_RadyFHS|contributor @Forbes|#emergingviruses #COVID19 #Ebola|Outbreak prep/resp|
139.@KarenGrepinKaren GrepinAssociate Professor, School of Public Health @HKUniversity, economics and health systems.
140.@DrJudyStoneJudy StoneAuthor: Resilience: One Familys Story of Hope https://t.co/tfQjeOdCMI & Conducting Clinical Research https://t.co/veoHxs2X7l Infectious Disease doc, @Forbes contributor
141.@francetimTim FranceRecycled molecular biologist focused on #globalhealth, #silobusting and #communications. I lead @InisCom: bit.ly/TimFrance Brit/#INTJ/PhD #hydroponics nut
142.@washingtonpostThe Washington PostBreaking news, analysis, and opinion. Founded in 1877. Our staff on Twitter: twitter.com/washingtonpost
143.@HansRoslingRemember H. RoslingThe late Hans Rosling, Co-Founder of @Gapminder & Professor @GlobalHealthKI had many followers. I (@OlaRosling) maintain this account to commemorate Hans.
144.@NateSilver538Nate SilverEditor-in-Chief, @FiveThirtyEight. Author, The Signal and the Noise (amzn.to/QdyFYV). Sports/politics/food geek.
145.@JeffDSachsJeffrey D. SachsDirector of the @CSD_Columbia and the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network (@unsdsn)
146.@HartlGAGregory HartlAsesor Senior en Comunicaciones, Programa Subregional para Amrica del Sur, OPS. Senior Communications Adviser, Subregional Programme for South America, PAHO.
147.@JustinLesslerJustin LesslerJustin Lessler is an Associate Professor of Epidemiology at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
148.@IDEpiPhDNicole E BastaAssoc Prof of Epidemiology @McGillEBOH | PI @BastaLab | Formerly @PublicHealthUMN @Princeton @UWepidemiology @Cambridge_Uni @Gates_Cambridge | in
149.@BillHanageBill HanageAssoc Prof at Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health and Gooner. Currently cosplaying Dr Rieux in some weird re-enactment of La Peste. Tweets are personal
150.@profvrrVincent RacanielloEarth's virology professor, microbe.tv host, youtube.com/profvrr
151.@EpsteinJonJonathan EpsteinGlobal wildlife vet & epidemiologist @ecohealthnyc. I study viruses that jump from wildlife into people & livestock. #Bats #Nipah #Ebola #SARS #COVID19
152.@curefinderDr. Joseph Fair@NBCNews / @MSNBC Science Contributor, Virologist, Epidemiologist, Outbreak Responder, Advisor to Governments/Industry. Kentuckian. Views are my own.
153.@larrybrilliantLarry Brilliant MD, MPH, DScChr Ending Pandemics, author Sometimes Brilliant. Fmr head https://t.co/rVanmmaPkz, Prof, U Mich; WHO smallpox, TED Prize. TIME100. Co-found Seva & The Well
154.@JHSPH_CHSJohns Hopkins Center for Health SecurityThe Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security works to protect peoples health from the consequences of epidemics and disasters. RTs not endorsement.
155.@PardisSabetiPardis SabetiProfessor @harvard @broadinstitute using computational genomics to understand & impact infectious disease. Follow the lab @sabeti_lab & the band @1000daysband
156.@NPRHealthNPR Health NewsHealth coverage from the NPR Science Desk
157.@BBCBreakingBBC Breaking NewsBreaking news alerts and updates from the BBC. For news, features, analysis follow @BBCWorld (international) or @BBCNews (UK). Latest sport news @BBCSport.
158.@MSFsciMSF ScienceResearch @ Mdecins Sans Frontires. Global health research and innovation for humanitarian action. Home of the MSF Scientific Days
159.@ashishkjhaAshish "I Love New York" JhaPhysician, health policy researcher, and advocate for the notion that an ounce of data is worth a thousand pounds of opinion. Also Director of @harvardgh
160.@antonioguterresAntnio GuterresOfficial Twitter account of Secretary-General of the @UN Antnio Guterres.
161.@UNUnited NationsOfficial account of the United Nations. #ClimateAction #GlobalGoals #StandUp4HumanRights
162.@CT_BergstromCarl T. BergstromProf. Biol. @UW. Information flow in biology, society, & science. I love corvids. he/him COVID-19 Book *Calling Bullshit* coming Aug 4th: tinyurl.com/v9g6v7a
163.@IDSAInfoIDSANews & information from the Infectious Diseases Society of America, a community of 12,000+ physicians, scientists & public health experts who specialize in ID.
164.@MOUGKMoritz Kraemer
165.@SaadOmer3Saad B. OmerDirector, @Yale Institute for Global Health \ Infectious Disease Epidemiologist \ Vaccine Researcher \ Op-eds in NYT, Washington Post, Sci. Amer., Politico etc\
166.@OutbreakJakeJake DunningPersonal account/views. Infectious diseases consultant & researcher. Emerging and high consequence infections at PHE, Royal Free, UCL, Imperial & Oxford.
167.@BioAndBaseballMatt WatsonSenior Analyst & #ELBI Program Manager, @JHSPH_CHS. Senior Research Associate, @JohnsHopkinsSPH. Husband, Dad, etc. WWDAD. #Biosecurity #Biotech
168.@gabbysternGabby Stern@WHO Director of Communications. All foolish opinions are mine alone.
169.@mpkienyMarie-Paule KienyR&D for Emerging diseases | Health Research | Health Systems | Innovation | INSERM | DNDi | MPPF | HVP |
170.@ghn_newsGlobal Health NOWEssential news & views for the global health community from @JohnsHopkinsSPH.
171.@DrJayVarmaJay VarmaSenior Adviser to @AfricaCDC, infectious diseases, #outbreaks, public health, #globalhealth, #patientsafety, related topics - opinions all my own.
172.@PezzapezziLorenzo PezzoliAnnoying epidemiologist keen on #globalhealth who loves taking photos and talking about worst airports around the world but at least doesn't blog.
173.@MicrobesInfectMicrobes&InfectionMicrobes & Infection covers all fields of infection & immunity. Companion journal: journals.elsevier.com/current-resear
174.@NYTHealthNYT HealthHealth news from the Science desk of The New York Times
175.@OrinLevineOrin LevineVaccines, global health, researcher, advocate, father, husband, fly fisher. Gates Foundation Director but tweets are my own. #vaccineswork #globalhealth
176.@PeterASandsPeter SandsExecutive Director of @GlobalFund. Working to end epidemics: AIDS, TB and malaria
177.@alexvespiAlessandro VespignaniNetwork & Data Science, Computational Epidemiology, Complex Systems
178.@betswritesBetsy McKaySenior Writer, The Wall Street Journal. I write about public health issues. Please send tips to betsy.mckay@wsj.com.
179.@MorrisonCSISSteve MorrisonJ Stephen Morrison Senior Vice President & Director, Global Health Policy Center, Center for Strategic and International Studies
180.@LaurenWeberHPLauren WeberMidwest Correspondent for @KHNews. Former @HuffPost reporter. @Georgetown alum. STL @Cardinals fan. The HP stands for health policy. LaurenW@kff.org
181.@DrMartinCDCRebecca Martin, PhDDirector of CDC's Center for Global Health. #vaccineswork @CDCGlobal
182.@CHGlobalHealthChatham House Centre for Universal HealthThe Centre for Universal Health is a multi-disciplinary centre established to help accelerate progress towards the health-related Sustainable Development Goals
183.@davidnabarroDr David NabarroFacilitator of Sustainable Development through @4SD_info
184.@DrRichBesserRich BesserPresident and CEO of @RWJF, formerly with ABC News and CDC, Pediatrician, Public health practitioner. Retweets endorsements
185.@icddr_bicddr,bInternational health research institute addressing #publichealth challenges #infectiousdiseases #healthsystems #nutrition #vaccines #Bangladesh RTendorsement
186.@martinmckeeMartin McKeeProf of European Public Health LSHTM/ Director Research Policy European Observatory. Past President @EUPHActs
187.@rd_blueprintWHO R&D BlueprintGlobal action plan to prevent epidemics by accelerating R&D. RTs endorsements #epidemicpreparedness #EIDs #publichealth #vaccines #diagnostics #medicines
188.@PFormentyPierre Formenty#OutbreakResponse and @RD_blueprint @WHO #Ebola, #Marburg, #LassaFever, #CCHF, #RiftValley, #Nipah and others #VHF
189.@TeebzRThibaut JombartAssociate Prof @LSHTM Senior Lecturer @ImperialCollege Founder of @RECON Outbreak analytics, stats, genetics, #rstats, extreme metal vocalist.
190.@DoctorYasminDr. Seema YasminDoctor | fmr Epidemic Intelligence Service Officer | Science Journalist | Poet | Director, Stanford Health Comm Initiative | Stand-up Comic | @kiana__w's prof
191.@eliowa MD MS | ID doc & Epidemiologist | Professor @IntMedatIowa | Director @IC_CADRE | Assoc Editor @JAMANetworkOpen | #AntibioticResistance | opinions my own | #MATH
192.@thelonevirologithelonevirologistVirologist.Likes history, hiking & a good movie.Favourite viruses? Coronavirus,Emerging & Oncogenic Viruses. Job seeker.Favourite country? UK. Dad. Bibliophile.
193.@mugecevikdr muge cevikInfectious Diseases / Virology Clinician & Researcher @univofstandrews #HIV #TB #emerginginf #GlobalHealth #SciComm #vegan RT endorsement
194.@GlobalBioDGlobal BiodefenseNews on Pathogens and Preparedness - medical countermeasures, public health emergencies, emerging infectious diseases #biosecurity #CBRNE #healthsecurity
195.@mbeisenMichael Eisen (in honor of Dr. Li Wenliang)I study how flies are made & how fungi control their behavior. I fight to make science open and fair. EIC of eLife. He/him. My conflicts bit.ly/2uC3FNF
196.@CDCFluCDC FluFlu-related updates from the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention. Comments received are subject to PRA & may be archived go.usa.gov/xyfdp.
197.@OlyIlungaDr. Oly IlungaCompte Twitter gr par le Comit de Soutien au Dr Oly Ilunga. #FreeOly
198.@wefWorld Economic ForumThe international organization for public private cooperation. #wef20
199.@JohnsHopkinsSPHJHU Public Health@JohnsHopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. Together we're Protecting Health, Saving LivesMillions at a Time
200.@sethmnookinSeth MnookinI write books and articles and am the director of @MIT_SciWrite. website: sethmnookin.com.
201.@TomBollykyTom BollykyDirector of Global Health; Senior Fellow, Economics & Development @CFR_org. Law Prof sometimes. Dad (3x); book author (1x). Opinions=me; retweets=not me.
202.@stefanswartpetstefan petersonChief of Health UNICEF. Prof Global Health at Uppsala University, Karolinska Institutet and Makerere University. Co founderMSF Sweden. Views personal
203.@matthewherperMatthew HerperWriting and events at STAT. This is biology's century; Every data point has a face.
204.@greg_folkersGreg FolkersWashington, DC
205.@PHE_ukPublic Health EnglandOfficial feed of Public Health England (PHE) providing regular news updates on the work of the organisation.
206.@NCDCgovNCDCThe official Twitter account of the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control. Visit: ncdc.gov.ng for more.
207.@WHO_EuropeWHO/EuropeThe WHO Regional Office for Europe is one of 6 WHO regional offices around the world. It collaborates with a range of public health stakeholders in the Region.
208.@soniashahsoniashahscience journalist, author; THE NEXT GREAT MIGRATION: The Beauty and Terror of Life on the Move (@BloomsburyPub); PANDEMIC (2016) & THE FEVER (2010)
209.@HillaryClintonHillary Clinton2016 Democratic Nominee, SecState, Senator, hair icon. Mom, Wife, Grandma x3, lawyer, advocate, fan of walks in the woods & standing up for our democracy.
210.@nicolamlowNicola Low #StopCovid19 #StillFBPESexually transmitted infections epidemiologist, but Covid-19 has changed everything. Contact tracing the common thread
211.@ECDC_OutbreaksECDC OutbreaksDisease outbreaks and potential health threats to the EU. Run by the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control
212.@HarvardGHHarvardGlobalHealthInstitutePioneering the next generation of #globalhealth research, education & policy. Better health for all. Evidence for impact. #OneHarvard @ashishkjha @IngridKatzMD
213.@lisaschnirringLisa SchnirringScience Writer, Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy (CIDRAP)
214.@NathanGrubaughNathan GrubaughAssistant Professor @YaleEMD. Studies transmission, evolution, and emergence. Will sequence for (and funding).
215.@GHSGlobal Health StrategiesWe believe in the power of advocacy & communications to advance health & wellbeing around the world, leaving no one behind. Tweet views = ours.
216.@EIDGeekJody Lanard MDformer WHO senior pandemic influenza comms advisor (for better or worse) 2005. WHO & FAO risk comm training 2003-2016 (all regions x EMRO) U. of Penn Med '80
217.@EpidAlertCOVID-19 Pandemic Response ModeApplying Ebola response experience to Malaria, Lassa fever, Diarrhoeal diseases and Polio prevention. Using @AlertClinic for Risk Communications & Surveillance.
218.@BethCameron_DCBeth CameronGlobal team builder, change advocate, NTI bio lead, former NSC Sr Dir, and biologist working to make the world a better place. My own views.@NTI_WMD, @GHSAgenda
219.@CSISHealthCSIS Global HealthThe CSIS Global Health Policy Center is a research institution focused on building bipartisan awareness about global health & its importance to US security.
220.@DrSenaitProfessor Senait FissehaPhysician| Lawyer| Mother| Wife| Unapologetically committed to Equality, Social Justice & SRHR. Chief Adviser to the @WHO DG. Tweets are my own opinion!
221.@womeninGHWomen In Global HealthA movement for achieving #genderequality in #globalhealth #leadership | #womeningh | RT/followsendorsements | #BuildwithWGH https://t.co/q8uowsQcoE
222.@pam_dasPam DasI am a Lancet editor, a passionate global health advocate, and a virgin twitterer or is it tweeter or even twatter? My views are my own
223.@globalhlthtwitAnthony CostelloWriter, Speaker, Author The Social Edge. Ex-Director, WHO. Professor, University College London. Co-chair Lancet Climate Countdown Tweets/RTendorsement
224.@CMO_EnglandProfessor Chris WhittyEngland's Chief Medical Officer and the Department of Health and Social Care's Chief Scientific Adviser
225.@WorldBankWorld BankThe official World Bank Twitter feed. The World Bank's mission is to end extreme poverty and promote shared prosperity.
226.@Elhadj_As_SyElhadj As SyFormer @UN, @IFRC. Chair @KofiAnnanFdn. Co-chair #GPMB; Board @WellcomeTrust, @Endmalaria,@interPeaceTweet; Care for Health, Environment, Development & Humanity
227.@MSFMSF InternationalMdecins Sans Frontires (MSF) is an international, independent, medical humanitarian organisation.
228.@helleringer143Stphane HelleringerDemographer, associate professor @JohnsHopkinsSPH, with stops along the way @ENS_ParisSaclay and @PennPSC
229.@bansallabBansal LabDisease ecology and network science research group based in @GUBiology @GeorgetownColl. Contact networks, spatial epi, math biology, big data, open science.
230.@TAlexPerkinsAlex PerkinsAssistant Professor in Biological Sciences @ndeckinstitute @NotreDame. Interested in mathematical modeling of infectious disease dynamics and control.
231.@CGDevCenter for Global DevelopmentIndependent research & ideas for global prosperity. Join the conversation using #CGDTalks (events) + #CGDDebates (forum). RTs endorsements.
232.@RSTMHRoyal Society of Tropical Medicine and HygieneDedicated to global health since 1907
233.@igoodfelIan GoodfellowVirologist at the University of Cambridge and University of Makeni, Sierra Leone. Interested in things virus-related and international development. Views my own
234.@jw132James WoodInfectious disease epidemiologist, studying emerging and zoonotic diseases
235.@jocalynclarkJocalyn ClarkExecutive Editor @TheLancet, former @PLOSMedicine @BMJ_latest @icddr_b. Canadian in London. Adjunct professor @UofTMedicine Founder #CWIGH | views own.
236.@USAIDUSAIDWe advance U.S. natl. security & economic prosperity, demonstrate American generosity & promote self-reliance & resilience. Privacy: go.usa.gov/3G4xN
237.@AthaliaChristieAthalia ChristieCareer in global health @cdcgov in outbreak response, disease control, and policy. Mid-life crisis @JohnsHopkinsSPH doctoral program. Opinions are my own.
238.@DavidQuammenDavid QuammenAuthor of The Tangled Tree, Spillover, & other books. Varied journalism for National Geographic, Harper's, NY Times Magazine, etc.
239.@Outbreaks101Outbreak ObservatorySupporting independent, real-time learning for outbreak response. A project of @JHSPH_CHS.
240.@BBCWorldBBC News (World)News, features and analysis from the World's newsroom. Breaking news, follow @BBCBreaking. UK news, @BBCNews. Latest sports news @BBCSport
241.@jenkatesdcJen KatesSenior VP/Director, Global Health & HIV Policy, KFF. I tweet about policy, data, & parenting. NYC born & raised, DC-based. RTs endorsements.
242.@CUGHnewsCUGHCUGH supports academic institutions and partners to improve the wellbeing of people and the planet through education, research, service, and advocacy.
243.@wtaylor1Wendy TaylorRockefeller Foundation Fellow, fmr Dir of Center for Accelerating Innovation and Impact @ USAID, passionate about sourcing + scaling innovation, data analytics
244.@Fogarty_NIHFogarty at NIHOfficial account of Fogarty International Center at @NIH. Supports #GlobalHealth #Research & training in developing countries. Privacy go.usa.gov/RQ8
245.@marcelsalatheMarcel SalathPrivate account. Many hats: Prof EPFL, Acad. Dir. EPFL Extension School @epfl_exts, co-founder @AIcrowdHQ, organizer @appliedMLdays & @theRemoteCon, YC alumnus
246.@ChelseaClintonChelsea ClintonMom of Charlotte, Aidan & Jasper, Married to Marc, Advocate, Author, Teacher, @ClintonFdn & @CHAI_health & @HealthierGen, New Yorker
247.@DokteCoffeeMegan CoffeeI am an infectious disease doctor. Tweets about infectious diseases everywhere, Haiti in particular facebook.com/pages/Ti-Kay-H
248.@WHOGOARNGOARNInternational network for outbreak alert and response established by the World Health Organization (WHO) in 2000.
249.@yhgradYonatan GradAssistant Prof of Immunology & Infectious Diseases at Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health. Studying infectious diseases & how pathogens evolve and spread.
250.@kelle569Nick Kelleypublic health, vaccines, preparedness, racial equity, reducing health inequalities, local public health, R; via @publichealthumn @CIDRAP @JHSPH_CHS #ELBI
251.@EvolveDotZooOliver PybusResearch in evolutionary biology and infectious disease from Oliver Pybus and colleagues @OxZooDept and @RoyalVetCollege
252.@JATetroJason TetroHost of the TWO TIME award winning Super Awesome Science Show on @curiouscast. Author of The Germ Code & bestseller The Germ Files. Aspiring game show host.
253.@PLOSNTDsPLOS NTDsThe first open-access journal devoted to the world's most neglected tropical diseases. Image Credit: Miss Roumaissa Gherbi, University of Ferhat Abbas
254.@richardneherRichard Neheri am a biologist/physicist at the @biozentrum in Basel trying to understand how microbes evolve. views are my own, RT!=endorsement.
255.@IsabelOttIsabel Ottphage cryptid @PaulTurnerLab @YaleEEB. opinions own. ornery social justice virologist; anticolonial settler. started #BiInSci. BS Bio, UGA 19. (she/pay)
256.@PIHPartners In HealthA social justice & global health organization striving to make health care a human right for all people, starting with those who need it most #InjusticeHasACure
257.@EurosurveillancEurosurveillanceEurope's journal on infectious disease epidemiology, prevention and control Impact factor 2018: 7.4 RTs endorsement
258.@GYameyGavin YameyTransforming knowledge into action in global health. Views are my own.
259.@MartenRobertRobert Marten#GlobalHealth, #HealthSystems, #PHC, #NCDs, #STAX, #PlanetaryHealth & the #SDGs. @LSHTM PhD. Former @RockefellerFdn @WHOSierraLeone @WHO India. @CFR_org Member.
260.@AJackAndrew JackGlobal education editor @FT Free schools access @FT4S Social impact, foreign affairs, public policy, global and public health, Russia, France, culture
261.@MichelSidibeMichel SidibMinistre de la Sant & des Affaires Sociales du Mali|Minister of Health & Social Affairs of Mali|Former Under-Secretary-General @UN & Executive Director @UNAIDS
262.@DFID_UKDFIDWe are the Department for International Development (DFID). We lead the UKs work to end extreme poverty. Tweeting on #UKaid and #GlobalDev. #AidWorks
263.@DamelSoceFallIbrahima Soc FallGlobal Health Leader - Everywhere and Everyday to serve the Humanity - Currently WHO Assistant Director-General for Emergency Response
264.@clarewenhamClare WenhamAssistant Professor in Global Health Policy @ London School of Economics and Political Science @LSEHealthPolicy @LSEGlobalHealth. Prawns and beer also important
265.@megan_b_murrayMegan MurrayProfessor of Global Health, Harvard. Interested in TB, community health interventions, women in science, my kids, my dog, sewing, gardening, not in that order.
266.@Caroline_OF_BCarolineOBAssociate Professor of Epidemiology. I study all the best diseases, like malaria and cholera.
267.@MicrobiomDigestElisabeth BikScience consultant, PhD. Blunt and snarky. Microbiome, research integrity & misconduct. Ex-Stanford. MicrobiomeDigest/Bik's Picks. Dutch/USA. She/her.
268.@EckerleIsabellaIsabella EckerleProf at Geneva Centre for Emerging Viral Diseases - Virologist, MD, DTM&H, mom - interests: emerging viruses, tropical medicine, bats & birds. Views are my own.
269.@CDC_NCEZIDCDC Emerging InfectionsNCEZID works to protect people from emerging and zoonotic infectious diseases, from anthrax to Zika.
270.@AllisonMColbertAllison ColbertHealth technology innovation, access, and use @WHO. Alumni superfan. Lover of sports, food, travel, and the arts. Views my own, RT endorsement
271.@DFismanDavid FismanProfessor, interested in plagues, pestilences and politics.
272.@jmayer0716Jonathan Mayer, PhDProfessor Emeritus, Epidemiology/Medical Geog/Medicine, Univ WA: Specialties: epidemiology, infectious diseases, pain, clinical epi, spatial epi, med ethics
273.@ppenttinPasi PenttinenOutbreaks n Pandemics. Epidemic Intel. Epidemiology. Public health. Influenza. Family @myslicranolabar. Work @ECDC. I would rather be outdoors.
274.@ISARIC1ISARICInternational Severe Acute Respiratory & emerging Infection Consortium - Sign up to the News Round-up to receive regular updates tinyurl.com/y8narmkl
275.@laurahelmuthLaura HelmuthHealth & science editor at @washingtonpost. Past president of National Association of @ScienceWriters. Formerly @NatGeo @Slate @SmithsonianMag @NewsFromScience
276.@olga_02138Olga JonasHarvard Global Health Institute | 1983-'16: economist @worldbank-operations; #SmallStates; fragile states; emergencies; avian flu; #AMR
277.@MMKavanaghMatthew Kavanaghglobal health & politics | PhD political sci | professor georgetown @globalhealthGU | director, policy & governance initiative, o'neill institute
278.@AOCAlexandria Ocasio-CortezUS Representative,NY-14 (BX & Queens). In a modern, moral, & wealthy society, no American should be too poor to live. % People-Funded, no lobbyist. She/her.
279.@epi_michaelMichael EdelsteinEpidemiologist, public health doctor @phe_uk , research fellow @CHglobalhealth. My thoughts on infectious diseases, epidemiology and global health
280.@MSF_USADoctors w/o BordersProviding medical aid where it's needed most.
281.@HarvardHealthHarvard HealthKnowledge is the best medicine. Providing you with trustworthy health information from the halls of @Harvardmed and world-famous affiliated hospitals.
282.@asoucatDr Agnes SoucatMD, MPH, PhD Director Health Systems, Governance and Financing at WHO. Passionate about equity, freedom and human rights. Retweets are not endorsement
283.@ezrakleinEzra KleinFounder and editor-at-large, @VoxDotCom Author, "Why We're Polarized" Podcasts, applepodcasts.com/ezraklein
284.@NYTScienceNYT ScienceScience, Medicine, Environment, Space and Cosmos. Sync your calendar with the solar system: nyti.ms/2ECMtej
285.@AniShakariAni Shakarishvili,MDW/@UNAIDS,formerly @CDCgov& @EmoryMedicine, physician,#globalhealth #publichealth #epidemiology #HIV #STI #SRH #SRHR #globaldev. Love #art.Views&tweets my own
286.@scottjbeckerScott BeckerCEO @APHL, public health prof, husband, girldad, Wheaten owner, Swissophile (GVA), proud UMD graduate, Jersey Shore native, he/him. Views are my own!
287.@dylanbgeorgeDylan Georgeformer science advisor @WHOSTP, HHS/BARDA, DoD to tweet or not to tweet... ...views my own...
288.@guardianscienceGuardian ScienceScience, health and environment news from the @Guardian. Plus, independent comment and analysis from our network of expert science bloggers
289.@CDCMMWRMMWRMMWR is CDCs primary vehicle for scientific publication of timely, authoritative, and useful public health information and recommendations.
290.@DrLeanaWenLeana Wen, M.D.Visiting Professor @GWPublicHealth @GW_Workforce. Former Baltimore City Health Commissioner. Emergency Physician, Patient Advocate, Mom. Views my own.
291.@sarahboseleysarahboseleyJournalist on the Guardian, writing about health, medicine and dodgy practices
292.@keithmartinmdKeith Martin MDExec.Director, Consortium of Universities for Global Health, Fmr Canadian MP, physician, Global Health, Foreign Affairs, Conservation, Environment, Tweets mine.
293.@julio_frenkJulio FrenkPresident of the University of Miami (@univmiami), former Minister of Health of Mexico. Tweets are my own.
294.@ArthurCaplanArthur CaplanProfessor, NYU School of Medicine
295.@WHOWPROWorld Health Organization Western PacificThe WHO Western Pacific Region works w/ gov'ts & partners in Asia and the Pacific to improve the health & well-being of nearly 1.9 billion men, women & children
296.@StopTBStop TB PartnershipThe Stop TB Partnership is a UN hosted partnership and a collective force transforming the fight against tuberculosis. Retweets do not reflect endorsement.
297.@WBG_HealthWorld Bank HealthNews from the World Bank health team. Strong health systems create healthy futures.
298.@epstein_danDan EpsteinCommunication consultant on global health issues, immunization, disease prevention & control. Ex-PAHO & WHO comms officer.
299.@FLAHAULTAntoine FLAHAULTProf, MD, PhD, Dir. of the Institute of Global Health at the University of Geneva, and Deputy Dir. of the Swiss School of PH, Zrich - Tweets express my views
300.@jyangstarJennifer YangToronto Star reporter covering #coronavirus and #covid19 for the foreseeable future. Get me at jyang(at)thestar.ca. DMs open.