UCL Art Collection: An Introduction and Collections Guide

The UCL Art Collections Guide


UCL Art Museum produced this comprehensive guide to the UCL art collections in 2008 with funding from the UCL Museums, Heritage and Cultural Property Committee. The guide outlines the collection's history, including the stories behind major gifts, along with detailed descriptions of over 70 highlights of the collections.

The collection contains over 10,000 artworks dating from the 1470s to the present day, and includes old master prints and drawings, neo-classical sculptures, nineteenth-century watercolours, twentieth-century figure paintings, contemporary prints, and time-based media works. These diverse objects are linked by a history of educational use, and the belief of their donors in the importance of art objects for encouraging learning. Many beautiful and important individual artworks are held in the collection, but groups of work such as the Grote, Flaxman and Slade collections are equally important in documenting the history of collecting, sculptors’ studio practice, and the history of art education.

Over the years the collection has both inspired and documented the making and teaching of art, and it continues to be a vital resource for teaching, research, exhibitions and events, used and enjoyed by staff, students and the general public. 

The guide is edited by Dr. Emma Chambers, who managed the collections for over a decade, with contributions from other curatorial staff.