Museums + Wellbeing Workshops

Workshop locations

In 2011, researchers and curators from UCL, Renaissance North West and Newcastle University held a series of workshops considering the evidence for and the evaluation of wellbeing outcomes in heritage-in-health interventions.

Presentation images
University College London 'Heritage, Health and Wellbeing: Mapping Future Priorities and Potential', 18th May 2011 Renaissance North West 'Public Collections for Public Health: Museums, Health and Wellbeing', 21st Sept 2011 Newcastle University 'Museums, Galleries and Wellbeing: An Evaluation and Evidence Workshop', 27th Oct 2011
'Therapeutic Museums and Mental Health: Why, where, what and how' John Pollard, Colchester and Ipswich Museums
'Working Together to Promote Health and Wellbeing' Leisa Gray, Manchester Art Gallery and Gurdeep Thiara, People's History Museum 'Ageing, Health & Vitality Project' Bruce Davenport, ICCHS and Lynne Corner, Institute for Ageing & Health, Newcastle University
‘Living Memory: Object Handling and Reminiscence’ Elanor Cowland, St Albans Museum 'The Science and Art of Promoting Health: Public health and the role of culture' Colin Cox, Manchester Public Health 'Contemporary Visual Art & Identity Construction: Wellbeing amongst older people' Andrew Newman and Anna Goulding, Newcastle University
‘Feeling at Home: Engaging Elders in the Geffrye Museum’ Laura Bedford, The Geffrye Museum of the Home 'Living and Breathing Wellbeing at Tameside' Emma Varnam, Tameside Museums & Galleries 'Reminiscence and Beamish Museum' Michelle Ball, Beamish Museum
‘Heritage in Hospitals: Taking Objects to Patients’ Linda Thomson, UCL   'Creative Ageing: State of play' Alice Thwaite, Equal Arts
    'Heritage in Hospitals' Helen Chatterjee, UCL