Current exhibitions

3D Encounters exhibition @ UCL-Q in 2012/2013 | Digital Frontiers @ UCL Octagon (06-11/2013)Tour of the Nile @ UCLAcademy

3D Encounters: Where science meets heritage

UCL-Q, Doha, Qatar, November 2012 - ongoing

3D_Petrie Exhibitions: UCL-Qatar 3D Encounters : Where Science meets heritage.

Featuring our exciting 3D interactives, this multi-media exhibition opened at UCL's campus in Qatar in November 2012. The exhibition focusses on the contribution of our 3D imaging to the three main areas of study for UCL-Q: museum studies, conservation and archaeology.

See press release of Petrie museum delegation visit of our 3DPetrie team to UCL Qatar last year in preparation of the exhibition.  

3D_Petrie Exhibitions

Digital Frontiers @ UCL Octagon

UCL Octagon exhibition: Digital Frontiers

UCL Octagon Gallery, London, UK, June 2013 - November 2013

This is the second exhibition in the newly-opened UCL Octagon gallery. In keeping with the remit to highlight UCL’s current research and showcase its collections, the exhibition includes an original shabti, two replicas and a 3D interactive: Making Many from the Petrie Museum.

Digital Frontiers: and the themes explored in the exhibition - smart, connected and participatory - will aim to explore how emerging technologies are changing the way we access and experience culture and asks questions about the nature of art and technology.

The Geology Collections will be represented by NASA images from the Regional Planetary Image Facility.

3D printed objects and 'Tour of the Nile' @ UCL Academy

UCL Academy, November 2013 - ongoing


 A group of 3D printed objects scanned from @PetrieMuseEgypt collections are on display @UCL_Academy School. Students can explore the Tour of the Nile app next to 3D prints, physical replicas of objects used in the 3D app.

Are you interested in 3D imaging objects, or an exhibiting involving 3D technologies and 3D printing. Please have a look at what we offer.

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