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Petrie at Qurneh (Thebes)

9th December 1908 - 8th February 1909 (Petrie 1909: 1):

'The main subject was a search in some of the desert valleys for the possible discovery of any remote tombs. Two small valleys were searched; one by trenching the whole of the likely surface, with the result of finding one fine interment of the XVIIth dynasty; the other valley was cleared deep and wide over the most promising parts without any result. Another complete work was the clearing of a new temple site of the XIXth dynasty. An important discovery at the close of the time was the Sed festival chapel of Sankh-ka-ra (...). The northern end of the cemetery in the plain opposite Karnak was searched as long as anything could be found, with the result of getting a large collection of pottery of the XIth dynasty'.


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