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Thebes, chapel of king Mentuhotep (III) Seankhkare
(Petrie 1909: 4-6, pl. VI)

This chapel was decorated with an inscription including the titulary of Mentuhotep Seankhkare. The outer wall (orange on the plan) is made of rough stones; the main temple building (brown) is made of mud brick. Petrie found in the building a statue fragment apparently showing a king wearing the short robe worn in the sed festival: from this he concluded that the structure was a sed festival chapel.

A second building excavated by Petrie
(Petrie 1909: 6, pl. VIII, 33)


Plan and 3d view of a second mud brick building, which Petrie excavated about 90 m behind the chapel. The building is made in mud brick except for the column bases, which are in stone. Nothing survived of the columns themselves. No finds are published from his excavation of the site.

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