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Roman Period: terracottas

Most terracotta figures datable to the Roman period represent different gods. Especially popular was the king-child-god motif summarised in the name Harpocrates, depicted in a variety of guises. Other Roman (and Ptolemaic) terracottas provide much information on daily life in Egypt (and in the whole Roman Empire).

(click on the images for a larger picture or more examples - marked yellow)

theatre mask
two musicians
Isis playing a drum
'orans' figures
head of a satyr
UC 40916 UC 33398 UC 33413 UC 50548 UC 47841 UC 56000

a dog
a camel
a shoe
UC 59350
UC 50580
UC 50615
UC 48026
UC 16353

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Fischer 1994 (catalogue of the Roman terracottas in several German collections, many photographs)


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