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(2946' N 3119'E)

Name of a village and cemetery south of Dahshur. The most prominent archaeological features are two pyramids of the 13th Dynasty (about 1750 BC). There are several tombs, together covering almost all periods. Mazghuneh on a map of Egypt.

In the Petrie Museum there is a group of objects, found in the burial of a child, dating to the early Roman Period (about first century BC).

pottery vessels
pottery shoe (one of two found)
UC 16345 UC 16346 UC 16347
wooden clappers
UC 16350 UC 16348 UC 16352 UC 16349 UC 16354

further reading:

Parlasca 2002 (on similar shoes to those found in the tomb, proposing a date to the Ptolemaic Period, about second century BC)


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