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Tarkhan (Kafr Ammar), background information:

The reconstruction of the tombs:
Is mainly based on the tomb cards, published on a CD-ROM from the Petrie Museum, the measurements of the tombs are taken from the excavation reports (tomb register). All plans are orientated to the north if not otherwise stated.

The pottery types found in each tomb are published in the excavation reports (Petrie 1913, Petrie 1914). In Petrie 1913 only the types found in each tomb are published; for the number of pots, see the tomb cards. In Petrie 1914 is also given the number of each type found. It is still often not clear at which exact position within the tomb a certain pot was found.

Human remains:
Petrie was able to give from about 600 tombs the sex of the tomb owner. He does not explain in detail, which criteria he used. The sexing of the skeletons may in individual cases be doubted.

The dating of the tombs by Petrie is given, who used for it his sequence dating system. Next to it, is a dating in terms of Dynasties.


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