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Men and Women in Tarkhan

Petrie described about 2000 tombs at Tarkhan and for about 650 tombs the sex of the tomb owner was recorded.
(note: the richest tombs are always robbed)

See the following statistics for objects found in the tombs

357 tombs of women

309 tombs of men

125 with cosmetic palettes

39 with cosmetic palettes

91 with beads

34 with beads

19 with a pin

1 with a pin

8 with a spoon

1 with a spoon

2 with a knife

6 with a knife

Tombs of women are richer in objects than tombs of men (For further statistics see Ellis 1992)

The full statistics are available as download

Tombs of men had the largest volumes: See the statistics on grave volumes

'This might mean that artefacts were not the predominant form of material expression of status or wealth' Ellis 1992: 253

For most tombs Petrie was not able to determine the sex of the tomb owner. Look at the following burials (474, 1277, 1579 ) and the objects which are found in them and consider the sex of the tomb owner.



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