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Nabta Playa

A depression about 100 km west and slightly north of Abu Simbel, investigated in three seasons.

Site E-75-6 is so far the earliest Neolithic settlement in Egypt. Pottery and grain (six-row barley and several kinds of weeds) are attested (Wendorf/Schild 1980: 277), but hunting of hares and gazelles was still important. Bones of cattle has been found.

See the sequence of the Neolithic site

The excavator considers the sites on Nabta Playa as the earliest Neolithic sites in Egypt.
This view has been questioned. The site is related to 'Early Khartoum'.

pro early Neolithic at Nabta Playa
against early Neolithic at Nabta Playa
Clutton-Brock 1993: 66 (status of bovid remains is questionable)



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