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Timeline: Nubia

Upper Nubia Lower Nubia contemporary period in Egypt  
Early Khartoum   about 8000 - 5000 BC

Khartoum Neolithic

    about 4500-3500 BC
Pre-Kerma Early A-Group Naqada Ic-IIa/d about 3500 BC
Pre-Kerma Classical A-Group Naqada III about 3200 BC
Pre-Kerma End of A-Group Unification to mid First Dynasty about 3000 BC
Pre-Kerma unknown Old Kingdom 2800-2200 BC
Early Kerma C - Group IA, IB End of Old Kingdom about 2100 BC
Middle Kerma C - Group IIA, IIB Middle Kingdom 2000-1700 BC
Classical Kerma C - Group III Second Intermediate Period 1700-1500 BC
  New Kingdom 1500-1000 BC
Napatan period Third Intermediate Period 1000-750 BC
Late Period 750 - 300 BC
Meroitic period Ptolemaic and Roman Period 300 BC - 350 AD



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