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Mirrors in Egypt (Old Kingdom - Roman Period)

(about 2500 BC - 400 AD)

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Old Kingdom

Qau tomb 462
UC 17754 UC 17734 UC 17785 UC 17668

First Intermediate Period

UC 17800 UC 17802 UC 18024 UC 18068

Middle Kingdom (about 2025-1700 BC)

UC 43027
UC 71242
UC 18094
UC 18122
UC 18650

New Kingdom (about 1550-1069 BC)

unknown provenance
UC 7903
UC 36420
UC 28419
UC 58739 UC 58741

(compare Buhen)

Late Period

unknown provenance
UC 58749

Roman Period

Roman mirrors

(unprovenanced?) Roman mirrors (from Egypt)
UC 58755 UC 58756 UC 58757 UC 58579

(unprovenanced?) Roman glass mirrors; following Pliny, Natural History, 36.193 glass mirrors were invented at Sidon in the first century AD. Surviving examples date earliest to the second century AD.
more info
UC 22476 UC 22478 UC 22479 UC 22509

Further reading:

  • Derriks 2001 (most recent summary on mirrors in the New Kingdom)
  • Lilyquist 1979 (a study on the mirrors from the Old Kingdom to the Middle Kingdom with extensive material presented in drawings and photos. The book is no longer up to date for the precise dating of many tomb groups)
  • Lloyd-Morgan 1981 (short introduction on Roman mirrors)


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