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Asyut, Middle Kingdom (about 2025-1700 BC)

Asyut was the main town in the 13th province of Upper Egypt in ancient times. It occupies a strategic position at a bend in the river, and is still a major regional centre. The town was especially important in the Middle Kingdom, when huge rock cut tombs of the governors of the town were built.

Objects from the tomb of Mesehti (end of Eleventh or beginning of Twelfth Dynasty). Mesehti was mayor at Asyut. He is most famous for the coffins (Cairo CG 28118/28119) and wooden models (Cairo CG 257/258) found in his tombs (all now in Cairo).

UC 14344
UC 30227
UC 38049
UC 71234
UC 71240
a statue base with title and name of Mesehti
a kherep sceptre
(the staff for it)
copper plates of unknown function
a model duck (model offering)
bows or arrows
UC 71237
UC 71241
UC 71242
UC 71243
UC 71244
model tools
a scale ?
part of jewellery ?


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